About Us

Hello and thank you for visiting gearsguider.com. My name is Ahmed Shuvo, and I’ve established this blog to assist you in choosing the best sort of saw for your requirements.

My Story

In essence, everything began back in 2018 when we were remodeling our house. Naju was the carpenter my father hired for the woodworking project.

Naju was a talented man who had experience working on various issues. Jigsaws, miter saws, drill drivers, and other fantastic instruments were among his arsenal.

I once took him lunch and saw that he was engaged in an interesting project. I approached him and enquired about his activity. He informed me that he intended to apply a pattern to the doors. He then turned on his miter saw and quickly made some fantastic cuts.

I began studying about these tools after I realized how helpful they are. I used to go deeply into the tools as a physics student to see how they functioned. I have studied a wide variety of instruments, including impact wrenches, tile saws, drills, miter saws, and pretty much anything else.

The reason I founded gearsguider.com

I’ve always wanted to use my expertise to assist others. I’ve studied a number of tools up to this point, as I mentioned previously. I want to assist people choose the best tool without wasting too much time since I am aware of what performs and what doesn’t.

The Review Writing Process

I wish I had a large sum of money to purchase each and every tool before reviewing them. Sadly, though, while I’m still in school, I can’t afford to acquire all the necessary equipment. I do my very best to investigate various tools, though. I review each tool’s specs and double-check the information from several online sources. I make an effort to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of tools, and occasionally I even speak with the original purchasers on various forums.

I compile all of the data before writing an objective assessment of each tool. My major objective is to help you choose the best kind of tool for your needs, therefore I do my best to be as honest as I can. On this website, you may read neutral evaluations of saws. Your, money, time and efforts are all valuable to me.

Whether you are an expert or a novice, I am confident that you will benefit the most from my blog postings. I’m doing all I can to share as much information as I can. I just want to use my words to brighten someone’s day.

There is no saw or blade manufacturer that sponsors me. However, the articles may include links. When you use my links to make a purchase, I get a tiny commission without charging you more. That commission enables me to pursue my academic and living goals and eventually get a good living with my family.