Circular Saw Blades Storage Ideas: Unlock The Secret to Organize

Last Updated On March 28, 2023

Tired of finding scattered blades on a job site? Or, Looking for some smart ideas to store circular saw blades?

Magazine-style storage rack, a slide-out CD-style box, large knife blocks, french cleat saw racks, etc are some quick ideas to store blades for the job site or at the home projects.

saw blade storage

Working on a large project may need a change of multiple saw blades according to the requirement. But, once you get puzzled about finding the scattered box, it becomes irritating, and also causes time to pick the right one. To avoid such issues, store the blade smartly and find one quickly. 

Want more clarification about circular saw blade storage ideas? Scroll through our detailed article as we have included some best ideas you can use to store and find your blade quickly!

Circular Saw Blades Storage Ideas

Using a magazine-style storage rack, a slide-out CD-style box, wooden knife-like blocks, french cleat saw racks, etc are the best ideas to store your blade at the job site or at home. Let’s dig into the details.

Magazine-style Storage Rack

magazine style circular saw blade storage rack

First, we will talk about the magazine-style storage rack. These racks are rectangular framed-like structures including slightly slanted slots. 

In fact, you can store lots of blades in one rack. So, whether you want to avoid scattering or quick picking, this saw blade storage rack is the best option right now!

Slide Out CD Style Box

slide out CD style circular saw blade storage rack

On the second spot, you can use a slide-out CD-style box as storing and organizing is a bit easy. Besides, these boxes include different sizes of storage that cover most of your blade size. 

As a result, if you need a small or large battery circular saw blade for projects, this CD-style box is always on your side.

Wooden Knife-like Blocks

Wooden knife like circular saw blade storage

Next, you can go for wooden knife-like blocks to store blades. In fact, these blocks are strong enough to offer space for heavy blades. 

So, if you’re looking for ideal storage to store heavier bladers, these blocks can be a wise choice.

French Cleat Blade

french cleat saw blade storage

Further, you can also use a french cleat blade storage for storing circular saws. As this rack can hold most types of blades, it is not only suitable for circular saw blades but also ideal for storing all of your different types of saw blades.

How To Organize a Circular Saw Blade

To organize a circular saw blade, you have to understand the dimensions and size of the blade first. Let’s clear it up with an example.

If you store a larger blade in front of a smaller blade, it will be hard to remove the smaller one. In fact, you can find small blades due to the shade of the big ones. 

So, organize the blades according to the dimension, I mean, bigger ones at the back and small ones at the front.

On the other hand, if you use 7-inch storage to store a 71/2-inch blade, the blade will cause damage or break out the storage chamber. So, store a blade in a 1/2 inch larger space so that you can pull it out quickly while needed.

How Can You Make a Saw Blade Holder

To make a simple 5-10 blade holder rack, take a piece of wood 5-6 inches wide for the back and use a drill to make a hole at the end. The length of the wood will depend on the racks you want to set. If you want a 5-7 rack, around 10-14 inches of long wood will be perfect. 

Next, cut another same piece to use as a base and attach these two with a 1-inch screw. Once you’re done, cut 2 pieces of 2-3 inches of wood with an angled cut in one end and attach them with two sides of the base.

Then, if you want 5-7 reck, cut 8-12 pieces of 1-2 inch wood and attach both sides of the base with half-size screws. Before attaching, mark the points to maintain proper distance between them. Finally, store the blades in the gaps according to the dimensions and size.

Smart Ideas For Storing Saw Blades

Let’s have a look at some smart ideas for storing saw blades in detail:

Magazine-Style Storage Rack: It is a rectangular-shaped frame that includes slightly slanted slots where you can store a blade on every rack.

Slide Out CD Style Box: CD-style boxes are ideal to use for small blades. As the boxes offer full cover, blades remain top-notch for months.

Wooden Knife-like Blocks: This type of block is wide and large in design. In fact, it is strong enough to offer space for heavy blades.

French Cleat Blade Reck: As this type of reck offer space for most types of blades, it is best for storing all of your different types of saw blades. 

Pull-out Drawers: It is also like the CD-style box but includes a handle that makes pulling or storing easier.

Factors You Should Consider When Storing Circular Saw

When storing a circular saw, you have to keep in mind factors like the protection of blades, accessibility, and organizing for easy and quick use. Let’s dive into the details. 

Blade Protection

Protection is the most important as the quality of the blade sharpness decreases due to moisture and dust. In fact, make sure the storage is dry to get optimum performance and durability even after months.

Accessibility of Blade

As the blade is the main part of a circular saw, keep the blades in suitable storage, which is easy to access. As a result, try to use a magazine-style rack or pull-out drawer as this storage saw blade storage plans offer quick accessibility.

Organizing The Blade

If you store a larger blade in front of a smaller one, it will be hard to remove the smaller blade. So, organize the blades according to the dimension, bigger ones at the back and smaller ones at the front.


What is the best way to store circular saw blades?

Store circular saw blades clean, dry, and upright in a protective case or rack. Avoid hanging or stacking to prevent warping or bending. Label each blade with its diameter, type, and number of teeth for easy identification.

How do you organize saw blades?

Organize saw blades using a storage case or rack with labeled slots. Store similar blades together and use protective sleeves to prevent damage. Consider a wall-mounted system or pegboard for accessibility.

Final Words

Finally, we are at the end of our detailed guide. As we discuss lots of circulars saw blade storage ideas, we hope the article will help you to pick smart ideas to store your blade. 

Now, if you store the blade properly, it will keep the blades durable for months and won’t hamper the performance. So, pick any of our ideas for blade storage to store blades effortlessly!

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