How Much Does A Circular Saw Cost? A Detailed Discussion Below

Last Updated On July 3, 2023

If you are a DIYer, a simple power tool can make a hell of a lot of differences in your project. Yes, you guessed it right. That’s a circular saw.

But how much does a circular saw cost? And what’s the average budget you should plan to get a decent saw?

Usually, the cost of this handy power tool can range from $50 to $900 or even more based on its versatility, power, blade size, accuracy, and other features.

However, there are plenty of other things that impact the budget of this powerful cutting tool.

Why waste time? Let’s get straight to the point. 

What Is the Price Range for Circular Saws?

A circular saw price can vary depending on the motor type, the diameter of the blade, cutting accuracy, brand value, durability, and many more. But on average, the circular saw cost ranges from a minimum of $50 to around $900. Of course, the maximum price range can go higher based on the functionalities it offers.

However, to get a brand-new circular saw with a decent blade diameter, you need to spend around $50-$200.

But it mostly depends on the type of saw you choose. For example, a sidewinder saw costs around $50-$250.

Contrarily, a worm-drive saw costs a little more, around $60-$350.

Talking about the brushed vs brushless motor, having a brushless motor in a cutting saw charges more.

Next, a cordless circ saw comes with an expensive price tag than its coded counterpart. You can get the corded version between $50-$100 whereas the cordless one costs around $100-$150.

How Can You Reduce the Cost of a Circular Saw? 

If you have a shoestring budget but still want a high-quality circ saw, check them out when they are on sale. Also, you can rent a circular saw by spending nearly $30 a day. 

Usually, power tools are on sale during Black Friday, Labour Day, Father’s Day, etc. If you can grab a circular saw in such sales, you can save a significant amount. 

Otherwise, renting a saw is an alternative option as well. Although, that will not work if you need the saw frequently. 

Wait, you can also go for a used circular saw, right? They are extremely affordable, charging half or even less than the actual price.

Just make sure that the saw is well-maintained and in good condition.

However, people normally sell their used circular saws either to upgrade their tools or due to high maintenance. 

If you find the saw blade sharp enough and properly aligned, a used circular saw could be a real bang for your buck. 

Also, please don’t forget to check the shoe alignment, power switch, brushes, and motor bearings. They should be perfectly alright to say yes to the secondhand power saw.

How Do I Choose a Circular Saw for DIY?

Getting a circular saw within budget is quite challenging, especially if you are a DIY enthusiast. But worry not; we will show you the right way to select the best circular saw at a reasonable price. 

Particularly, the following factors play vital roles in answering- how much does a circular saw cost? 


In one word, we recommend going for saw blades with a higher number of teeth. Because that’s the only way to keep your cuts clean. 

And of course, a good-quality circ saw always comes with a carbide-tipped blade. Though it can cost a few more bucks. 

Above all, the blade diameter matters the most as it decides how thick a workpiece the saw can cut through.

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional DIYer, a 7- ¼” saw blade is the ideal size for most home improvement tasks.


For small to medium DIY tasks, you should pick a cutting saw that delivers around 52000-55000 RPM. 

Saying that it must have a 15 amp motor in that case. 

However, if your woodworking project demands more power, you should go for high-end saws that can support powerful motors without any difficulty. 

A high-powered motor lets you cut tougher materials than wood, or metal, for instance. 

Corded or Cordless

Do you need immense cutting power from a saw? Then the corded models are better with an uninterrupted power supply. 

Certainly, a cordless version cannot match the power range of a corded saw. 

But wait, shouldn’t you focus more on versatility for most of your DIY projects? These jobs often seek saws that can cover far-reaching areas. 

Besides, cordless saws are more lightweight and portable. Being equipped with a sharp blade, a cordless circ saw can meet any DIY needs.

Sidewinder vs Worm-Drive

Being more lightweight, sidewinder saws are easier to operate, especially for beginners. As the motor is placed beside the saw blade, they spin faster.

Talking about the price, a sidewinder saw is more affordable being low-torque.

On the other hand, a worm-drive saw is significantly heavyweight and high-priced. 

But the greater torque it offers deserves the more expensive price tag, we guess!

But as a DIYer, you don’t often need that high torque. Moreover, the powerful motor in a worm-drive saw sits behind the saw blade and makes it difficult to see the cutting process.


Based on your cutting depth, you should decide on the saw size. Naturally, larger cuts require larger saws. And they can cut through thicker materials too.

But that’s not all. You should also remember your storage capacity. Smaller saws are easier to run and occupy less space in your storage. 

So, if you mostly deal with thinner materials, a small pocket-friendly circular saw could seal the deal for you. 


Go for a well-made circ saw if you use it frequently. What’s the point of getting a cheaper saw that will hardly last one or two years?

Contrarily, get a saw with strong architecture. If maintained properly, it can last 10-20 years and withstand the toughest worksite conditions. 

Final Words

A circular saw is a little bit pricier compared to the traditional saws, we know. But given its unmatched accuracy and precision as a power tool, it’s totally justified though. 

As alluded to above, there are several factors that directly determine the circular saw cost. Whether it’s about size, durability, brand, model no, or power, you should pick one that meets your needs. 

Also, you can cut down the cost by renting a saw. But for regular DIYers, it’s better to buy one as they frequently take part in several cutting projects.

Saying that getting a good circular saw can serve you a lifetime. So, be sure to choose your pick wisely. 

Happy DIYing!

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