Why Does My Circular Saw Keep Stopping? Quick Solutions

Last Updated On February 20, 2023

Tired of circular saw stopping? Or Looking for a permanent solution for saw-stopping?

Congrats! You are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind the circular saw continuous stopping and discuss how to recover it to ensure a smooth performance.

When you’re using a circular saw, sticking or stopping irritates you a lot. In fact, it makes the work speed slow and changes the focus. But, once you get the reason clearly, whether it happens for the loose or dull blades, voltage shortage, poor support from the workpiece, or motor malfunctioning, you can quickly solve the issue.

Want more clarification on why my circular saw keeps stopping? Go through the article to know the exact reason for the stopping and quick solutions.

Why Does My Circular Saw Keep Stopping?

Lots of reasons can stop it but the most common one is, the workpiece is not supporting the blade properly. Without the support, the blade not only just stops but also causes kickbacks which are quite dangerous for the user.

In addition, if you use a damaged or dull blade to cut a hard piece, it will stop continuously even if the workpiece is supporting. 

So, it is better to start with a new blade when the blade gets old, dull or damaged

Besides, keep sure the motor is not overheating or malfunctioning. This could be a serious issue for stopping the saw. 

On top of that, look for the battery percentage and voltage if such a problem occurs. When the charge of the battery is at the end, it will start and stop with a sound to give you a hint. 

Moreover, the depth of the blade can be a good reason for stopping your saw. If the depth is not enough for cutting the hard material, it will stop the saw. 

Further, the failure of the motor can stop it and you will get a burning smell once the blade stops.

Circular saw blade with cutting depth

How To Use a Circular Saw?

When it’s about the use of a circular saw, we are actually looking for smooth and accurate cuts. To make every cut smooth and accurate, you have to start with an accurate mark first. 

So, all you have to do is, place the pencil on the perfect point and form a V pointing for exact measurement.

If you’re struggling with cutting plywood, using chalk lines can be the fastest way to have a smooth and accurate cut. But, keep sure the mark is not fuzzy and broad to make the mark easier to follow.

Once you’re done with the marking, change the broad angle so that it can not cast a shadow on the mark. The thin or broad mark is not effective if you can’t see it properly.

Now, follow the blade properly to ensure an accurate cut. Sometimes, the sawdust may be an issue to hamper the view. To avoid such issues, make sure it includes a dust collector or blower.

As the dust collector can keep your view clear, it will help a lot in ensuring an accurate cut. 

Finally, use protective gears to handle a sawdust storm. It also protects your nose and eyes and helps to cut the wood comfortably.

Spinning of Various Circular Saw

Circular Saw TypeBlade TypeMaximum RPM
Miniature Circular Saw4-1/2 inch13,300
Compact Circular Saw5-1/2 inch10,800
Sidewinder Circular Saw7-1/4 inch5,000-6,200
Worm Drive Circular Saw10 inch4,500-6,000

What Factors Cause The Stopping of a Circular Saw?

There are lots of factors that can cause the stopping of a circular saw. Let’s have a look at the details. 

Saw Binding?

Saw binding happens if the user fails to ensure the proper blade depth. In fact, failing on blade depth can be dangerous as the blade surface remains exposed while cutting and results in stopping the saw.

Is It The Motor Issue?

The motor issues can stop the circular saws within a few seconds. So, check the tension of the motor, and working blades to confirm whether the stopping is happening due to the motor issue or not.

Even a powerful motor can stop due to a tension issue or blade problem. So, check the motor carefully before starting.

Rough Circular Blade? 

Using a damaged or dull blade to cut a hard piece will stop the saw continuously even if the workpiece is supporting. 

To skip such issues, it is better to change the blade and start with a new saw blade if you find the blade dull or damaged.

Pinching of Blades?

If you find the workpiece is supporting but the circular saw is still stopping, the pinching of the blade is the issue behind it. Most of the time, the saw stops for safety measures as pinching causes kickbacks.

Improper Work Piece?

The improper workpiece is not supporting the blade properly which causes the stopping of the blade. Without the support, the blade not only just stops but also causes kickbacks.

Overheated Circular Saws?

Due to the pressure and friction, the circular saw can get overheated and result in stopping. To get rid of such issues, don’t use the saw fiercely for a longer time.

Why Does My Circular Saw Blade Not Spinning?

It happens due to less support from the blade, damaged or dull blade, motor overheating, low battery percentage, saw binding, and so on.

Let’s talk about the improper workpiece first. If the workpiece is not supporting the blade properly, it not only just stops but also causes kickbacks. Besides, using a damaged or dull blade will stop the saw continuously. 

If the motor of the saw overheats or malfunctions, it could be a serious issue for stopping the saw. so, look for the motor issues and keep sure the motor is spinning. 

Moreover, look at the battery percentage and voltage if such a problem occurs.

Further, if the user fails to ensure the proper blade depth, the circular saw blade will bind and stop. Also, it can cause kickbacks which is dangerous for the users. To avoid this issue, keep sure it includes a blade guard.

Why is My Ryobi Circular Saw Stopping Continuously?

As the Ryobi uses small batteries on the saws, the circular saw keeps stopping if you force them to work beyond the limits. 

If you look at the batteries, you will find that they are 2.0 to 3.0 amp which is worthless and can’t offer enough power for use on hard projects.

Now, if you want to get rid of such issues and function properly, it is better to go for a 4.0 Amp battery. With such a powerful battery, your Ryobi circular saw won’t stop and you can get smooth and accurate cuts all the time.

What Is Making Your Saw Stop Mid?

If you try to pass the saw quicker than it cuts, it will stop in the middle of the cut. In fact, such stopping issues can cause kickbacks which is pretty dangerous for the users.

When it’s about the middle stooping, use a sharper blade for cutting. Besides, this type of issue can bind the blade. So, it is better to make slower cuts to avoid such issues. 

How Do You Keep Circular Saws From Binding?

To avoid binding, you have to keep the circular saw blade sharp and clean. Most of the dull and rusted blades have more chance to bind. Besides, always avoid pitch and warped stock as they also can cause binding. 

On top of that, do not play for a longer time with the circular saws as the motor gets overheated. As the overheating has a huge impact on pinching, the blade can be bound and kickback. 

So, give the saw a few seconds of rest in between the cuts to avoid overheating.

How Can You Determine a Circular Saw Is Bad?

The quality of the circular saw depends on the cutting performance. If the cutting performance is not smooth and sharp, it determines the saw is bad. Besides, the broken and missing teeth blade is also considered a bad one.

Sometimes, The blade’s chipped carbide tips result in a dull cut, making it worse. If such issues occur, it is time to go for a good blade or a new good quality circular saw.

How to check your saw?

To check it, you have to check the performance at different angles and blade quality. 

As you need to make both 45 and 90-degree cuts with this powerful tool, you have to check the accuracy in these angles.

Moreover, the blade has a huge impact on the cut surface and depth. So, you have to check whether the blade is parallel or not. If you noticed any issues with the performance, it is better to go for a new one.

How To Fix Your Saw?

Let’s discuss some ways of fixing the circular saw in detail:

Changing Blade

As the blade causes most of the issues, change to a good blade to fix the saw. To get longer services with sharp cuts, select a good quality blade and sharp edges.

Tightening The Bolt

A loose bolt can impact the performance of the saw. So, tighten the bolt with a wrench for better performance.

Blade sizes

Always use a specific size of the new blade on the circular saw it recommends. But, don’t use a bigger blade as it is dangerous for the users.

Malfunctioning of Circular Saw Motor Brass

If the malfunction of the motor brass occurs with noise, we suggest you change it rather than fixing the old circular saw. As the circular saw’s motor brass is hard to fix, it is better to change.

Grease Issues

This issue can stop the circular saws multiple times. If such issues arise, it is better to change with a new grease for better performance.

Engine Oil Replacement

Sometimes even the heavy-duty engine will make a whistling sound when the oil level decreases. To improve the efficiency, change the engine oil efficiently. 

Others Point

Issues like overheating, lack of cleaning, weak connection, motor problems, and cable problems can also stop saws. So, check them properly before starting the woodworking.

Is the blade dull, gunky, warped, or installed backward?

No, if you install the blade backward, it will make a sound but it won’t make the blade dull and warped. In fact, you can cut the wood with a backward blade precisely.

But, it may decrease the cutting performance. Also, using a backward blade is not a good practice for a longer time. so, we suggest you use the right blade for working properly.

Final Words

Finally, we are at the end of our detailed article. Clarification on why my circular saw keeps stopping? 

Straight answer, Issues like less support from the saw blade, damaged or dull blade, motor overheating, low battery percentage, and saw binding may cause the stopping.

As we tried to cover all the necessary information, we hope the article can help to find the real issue and help to fix it. So, fix your circular saw right now and enjoy smooth and accurate cuts.

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