Unlock Ultimate DIY Potential: Build Circular Saw Table Saw Combo!

Last Updated On March 21, 2023

Do you know how much it costs to have a full set of woodworking tools? Each saw has a different accessibility. For instance, if you are using a table saw, you will have to keep it fixed because table saws are fixed in a platform.

On the other hand, a handheld circular saw doesn’t need any platform. Rather, they can be used from every possible angle. Then, think of a miter saw or a jig saw. A miter saw or a jig saw is nowhere close to a circular saw design. They have different applications.

how to make circular saw table saw combo

But if you look closely, you will see that table saws also have circular blades. That means a table and a circular saw have the potential difference of a platform. Other than that, if you keep them in the same room, you would see that they don’t have much of a difference.

So, we tried something new here. We tried to turn circular saw into a table saw so that it can be a circular saw table saw combo. in this article, we will share the method of doing so. So, stay tuned. let’s figure out how to make a circular saw into a table saw.

What are Table Saws?

Before jumping the gun let’s concentrate our watch on table saws. What exactly are table saws? Are they something different than regular circular saws?

what is a table saw

A table saw is basically a circular saw that can be mounted on a table and remains fixed there. The normal procedure of working with a table saw is that you have the table saw fixed on a platform. What you have to do is move the material through the blade according to the measurements you have.

Unlike most circular saws or other woodworking tools that are like circular saws, they need to be moved towards a line keeping the material stuck to a platform.

In the case of table saws, they remain in one place and the material needs to be pushed through the blade according to the measurements you have and then the saw does its job.

So, to use a circular saw as a circular saw and table saw combo without having to buy a table saw that has certain parts that can be used to mount it, we will be showing you a method with which you can turn your circular saw into a table saw and use it according to your will.

How to Make Circular Saw Table Saw Combo

It’s time to move forward with the process of turning a circular saw into a table saw. We will take our time with every single step and explain that to you in the simplest possible language so that you don’t get held against a wall doing this process.

One little note of reminder, if you don’t follow the steps correctly, you might end up having a table saw but it will not be set according to deliver precise cuts.

A table saw manufactured by a company has gone through years of research to perfect the design. You have no idea how many times they had to reset everything and start from the beginning thinking that they will have the perfect product in the future.

So, make sure you follow all the steps correctly and be very precise while doing the operation of setup.

Picking up the Materials for the Woodworking Tools

materials for woodworking

For doing DIY projects, it is important to know what materials you will be using for the project to be done. So, here’s a list of things that you will need to perfectly have the circular saw mounted on a table which you will have to make from scratch using the following hardware.

The total expense of executing this plan would be less than $80. It’s a cheap project but you have to follow all the suggestions that we provide. Otherwise, you will just leave room for errors.


You need 3 sheets of 2×4 feet, a sheet of particle board with a minimum length of 4 feet, and a width of 2 feet. And finally, 2 pieces of 1/2×1 feet. The best material for making the platform or the table would be using pine lumber.

While picking up the wood for work, you have to ensure that the wood doesn’t have too many knots. Otherwise, it will hamper the balance. Also, the place you have selected to work must have an evenly flat surface. It’s really important to have a flat surface for the measurements to be correct.

Tools Needed

For completing the process, you would only need two tools. One circular saw to cut the wood and a drill.

Pieces of hardware

You would need the following pieces of hardware that would help you to complete all the steps of the project.

  • 1/4″ 25 Wingnuts
  • 1/4″ 25 Machine Screws
  • 2″ and 3″ Wood Screws
  • Zip Ties
  • 1/4″ Lock Washers

Making the platform

The platform of the table on which the tool will be mounted should have enough space for other materials to be cut properly. If the platform is not big enough, the table saw that you are making, will not be able to provide optimum service.

making the platform for making a table saw

We would suggest you measure about two and a half feet which is 30″ for the platform. Use the plywood board to make the platform. Use the circular saw for cutting the platform from the plywood board. You can use a guide or a fence for precise cutting.

There is an upside to use a guide or a fence. You will be able to have perfect precision cutting.

Circular Saw Modification

Some might say that this part is where things get nasty. But no, it doesn’t. In fact, it’s probably the easiest part.

Prepping the circular saw to fit it in the proper position of the table actually requires you to make 4 holes on the four corners of the guard or base plate, whatever you call it.

modification of circular saw and table

Just make sure that while working with the saw your safety is ensured and the holes that you are making should be equally apart from each other keeping the blade and the motor in the center.

Making the Table frame

Some people might suggest you mount the tool first and then move forward with the framework but, if you have the table prepared, mounting the circular saw will be a piece of cake.

Rather, this part of the process is hard. First, mark the place where the tool will be mounted because the balance will have to be centered there. so, mark it first and keep the tool aside.

marking the table

We would suggest you make a simple box frame. The box frame that we would suggest you make should have at least 2″ girth and 6″ of wall length on the sides.

Drill each part on the top and the bottom for the frame to have great strength. Some people prefer using adhesive instead of screws and drills. But adhesive can’t keep the frame as tough as drill bits and screws can.

For extra protection, you can use adhesive but never solely rely on them.

Making and Attaching legs to the frame

Using the tool, cut the 2×4′ having an angle between 10 to 15 degrees so that the center of balance is supported from the sides.

making and attaching legs of frame for making circular and table saw combo

Now you have to drill and add screws. Some would suggest you to use a single screw in the middle point. But by any chance, if the attachments are not sturdy enough the legs are subjected to move. So, secure the legs with the frame using two screws.

That way, there is no chance for the table legs to move and create problems while you are trying to rip. Ripping requires a lot of effort and balance. Also, the controls have to be clear and the support from the frame has to be proper.

Add Braces to the Legs

The bracing of the legs that are supporting the table has to be perfectly done. The brace should be from one leg to another in a parallel fashion.

add braces to the legs for making a circular and table saw combo

Also, for extra protection and safety measures while using the tool, add crisscross braces from the opposing legs of the frame.

Mounting the Saw

mounting the saw when making a circular and table saw combo

As there is no cutting work left, just mount the circular saw using the screws according to the mounting position that you marked earlier. Make sure that the mounting is proper and the saw is not moving. To check that, wildly shake the saw, if it stays in one place, the mounting is perfect.

Installing The Table Top

This is probably the easiest part. Just take the tabletop, using 6 screws, and install the top on the frame.

Installing the circluar saw as a table saw

4 screws should be drilled into the four ends of the frame. The reason why you have to do this is to keep the table top perfectly fixed.

For extra safety, just drill two more screws on either side of the frame.

Safety Concerns

From the moment you have bought all the materials for the project till the moment you can hope for ripping thin strips, you must follow a few safety measures that are sometimes undermined by most people.

You should definitely wear safety goggles and ear protectors at all times. Wear heavy working gloves to keep your fingers safe and keep people away while you are working with such powerful tools.

Which Circular Saw should I choose?

For making this project come true, you have to pick a certain circular saw first. There are many brands in the market. For instance, there is Dewalt, Bosch, Decker, etc.

As you are trying to lessen the expense of buying a table saw and taking our tips and suggestions to fulfill this strange wish of yours, go for the circular saw that offer the best specifications in a cheap price.

Therefore, you will be able to reap benefits without having to spend a lot. No matter which saw you pick, just repeat the process that we have mentioned here. You will have your self-made table saw.

Note: This video might help you to understand more about how to make a table saw with a circular saw.



Can a circular saw be used as a table saw?

Even though a circular saw lacks the fixed-level work area and other essential components of a table saw, it can perform some of the same cuts.

Can a circular saw do everything a table saw can do?

The same operations that table saws can carry out, including rip cuts, crosscuts, miters, and bevels, can also be done with circular saws. They can also be utilized for complex cuts, such as angle cuts that involve turning the blade to one side.

Is there a combination of a table saw and a miter saw?

There is no table saw and miter saw combination. There are hybrids for sale. Table saws for tearing and precise cuts. Miter saws for curved and diagonal cuts.

Is a table saw better than a circular saw?

Depending on the job, yes. Table saws are effective and precise for making lengthy, linear cuts. More compact and adaptable are circular saws. The user’s requirements, preferences, and budget will determine the option.

Final Words

As I have mentioned earlier that I will take you through all the steps with a very pre-emptive approach with which anyone will be able to pull the circular saw table saw combo.

If you haven’t skipped any steps, I hope that you will have the same end result as mine. I have done the exact same things to convert my circular saw into a saw mounted on a table.

If I can do what you are trying to achieve applying these steps, why can’t you get the same results by following the steps I have mentioned here? You can also get woodworking experience by joining some famous forums.

All that is left for you to do is follow the steps precisely and maintain all the safety measures that we have mentioned about. You will have your circular saw no matter it is 4 1/2 or 6 1/2 circular saw mounted on a table at the end of the process too and you will be ripping the material of your choice in no time.

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