Why Are Cordless Circular Saws Left-Handed? Is It Make A Difference?

Last Updated On April 29, 2023

It’s true that most manufacturers produce their cordless circular saws as left-bladed? But why so? Why are cordless circular saws left-handed in most cases?

Honestly speaking, blade left saws are more beneficial for both right-handed users and left-handed users. 

As they have a blade on the left side, they allow the users to see the blade properly. Moreover, you can have better cut line visibility without looking around the blade guard. Above all, a cordless left-handed circular saw offers better stability during the cut.

Sounds confusing? Okay, let’s look forward to the detailed discussion then!

Right-Handed vs. Left-Handed Circular Saws

Right Handed vs Left Handed Circular saw

As a handheld machine, a cordless circular saw is typically left-handed. Yes, you could also avail the blade right circular saws but they are fewer in number.  

So, let’s compare right-handed saws and left-handed saws below for a fair judgment.

Right-Handed Circular Saws

As the name suggests, a right-handed circular saw is built with the blade on the right whereas the motor is placed on the left. 

What makes them desirable for right-handed users is that a right-hander could hold the handle very comfortably. 

More than that, it’s convenient for a right-hander as all the cutoffs fall into the right side of the cordless circular saw. 

Also, right-handed circular saws have the base plate sitting perfectly on the workpiece. That’s a big plus for sure. 

Left-Handed Circular Saws

Left-handed circular saws are designed with a blade on the left side and a motor on the right. Therefore, left-handed users find it more comfortable to work with left-handed saws. 

Unlike the right-handed saws, here you can hold the main handle with your left hand and the helping handle with the right hand. 

Similar to their blade-right counterparts, left-handed circular saws prevent any crossover of arms not to block your sight. 

So, you can have better cut line visibility along with optimum blade visibility. 

Why Are Cordless Circular Saws Left-Handed?

There are several reasons that cordless saws are typically left-handed. But the main reason is that 90% of cordless saw users have the left hand as their dominant hand. And it’s better to have the blade of the circular saw on the same side of your dominant hand. 

Although there are some additional causes why most manufacturers design their cordless saws as blade-left circular saws.

The blade on the left side always ensures that you can view the cut line clearly to cut straight whether you are a right-hander or a left-hander.

And trust me, the cut line visibility can make a massive difference while working with a circular saw. 

And to be honest, left-handed cordless saws are a blessing for both right-handed users and left-handed users. The circular saw blade is the main bulk of a cordless saw and since it’s on the left side, it doesn’t block your view. 

Above all, if you hold the saw with your left hand, the dominant hand(right hand) is free to operate the saw as required. You can even change the battery when needed.

Most of the cordless worm drive circular saws are blade-left saws, unlike corded circular saws. 

Therefore, they are more efficient in making a vertically square cut while maintaining a straight edge. 

The longer gap between the handle and the circular saw blade allows one-hand use for users with a worm drive saw.

Which Side Should a Circular Saw Blade Be on? 

Though you can find both right-handed circular saws and left-handed circular saws in the market, which is the right type actually? Are left-handed saws more beneficial than right-handed saws? Which side should the blade be placed on?

Wait, wait. So many questions and we have a straightforward answer for those- a cordless circular saw is more convenient with a blade on the left side. So, you should always eye for cordless saws with blade-left designs.

Even if you ask a woodworking enthusiast who uses circular saws regularly on the job site, he/she will recommend the same. 

This is because woodworking professionals prefer one hand use and keep the other hand free to adjust the workpiece.

If you can hold the cordless saw with your left hand, you can keep the dominant hand( right hand for most users) free. 

Thus, you can always have better cut line visibility as you can always watch over the circular saw blade. So, most circular saws come with an auxiliary handle on the right.

Can a Right-Handed Person Use a Left-Handed Circular Saw?

Undoubtedly yes. Whether you are a right-handed user or a left-handed user, you can always go for a left-handed circular saw as long as you are comfortable with it. 

For example, most cordless worm-drive circular saws are left-blade saws. But these blade-left saws are extremely popular among right-handed users even with the blade on the left side.

In fact, it’s better to be a right-handed user and use a left-handed saw. In that way, you can keep your right hand free for other tasks as you will be operating the saw with your left hand. 

Although, left-handed users find a worm drive saw with the blade-left design equally feasible for its better cut line visibility.  

In a word, a blade-left saw is engineered for both a left-hander and a right-hander. 

Final Words 

When we say left-blade circular saws, people often get confused and think that they are only for left-handed users. 

But that’s not the case actually. In fact, most right-handed users prefer having the blade on the left side of the handle. 

You can see the Full guidance of our saw review here.

So, why are cordless circular saws left-handed in most cases? Isn’t it discrimination against the righties?

Not at all. As a left-handed cordless saw offers a single-handed operation and better-cut line visibility, it’s the most suitable option to avoid the wrong direction while cutting. 

That’s why even professional woodworkers prefer left-blade worm drive saws to blade-right saws.

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