How To Cut Baseboard Corner With A Circular Saw

Last Updated On May 7, 2023

Using saws to cut baseboards make it easy and accurate to cut angles. Circular saws can be used for anything from cutting wide baseboards to putting up a roof. Now the question is, how to cut the corner of the baseboard with a circular saw?

To cut baseboard corners with a circular saw, mark the angle, set the saw, secure the baseboard, cut along the line, and check the fit before installation.

Most circular saws come with a lever that lets you change the angle at which the saw cuts. Get the trim, and cut the baseboard yourself to save money.

Tools You’ll Need for This Project Are:

Before you start this project, make sure you have all the tools you’ll need. It’ll save you a lot of time and trouble.

  • Saw square
  • Safety glasses

How To Cut Baseboard Corner With A Circular Saw

While working with a circular saw, you’ll need to finish the cutting following steps. A circular saw can be dangerous if you’re not careful. That’s why you need to know how you can cut a baseboard with a circular saw. At first: 

Make A Mark On The Baseboard First

Make A Mark On The Baseboard First

Make a line on the baseboard. For drawing the direction, you can use a pencil. Start by drawing the line at an angle from the inside corner toward the outer side of the baseboard.

Change The Saw Angle

Change The Saw Angle

Less than 45° is a good angle for the saw blade to point toward the saw’s fence. 45 degrees may seem like the best angle for making a corner which is 90 degrees. However, when you’re connecting two pieces of baseboard, the angle should be less than 45 degrees. It’s important, as the corners of rooms don’t always have perfectly square walls.

Cutting The Block

Cutting The Block

Put the baseboard piece on the table to ensure the trim’s back is against the saw’s vertical fence. It may be necessary to prop up the baseboard’s end, so it lies flat on the table. 

Before turning on the saw, ensure the blade is pointing on the same track as the line on the baseboard. Then, spin the blade down until it just touches the baseboard.

Trim The Edges 

Along the saw’s cut edge, you can see small splinters from the saw blade. If you use plastic baseboards, you might end up with little bits of plastic around the edges where you cut them.

Once the baseboard cools down from the blade’s friction, remove any plastic burrs or splinters from the cut edges. You can also use a utility knife blade to scrape the edges carefully. 

See the video below for a better understanding!

Tips And Tricks For Using A Circular Saw To Cut Baseboards 

As professionals, we know how these things work best and how you can do a clean cut on a baseboard. That’s why we want to share some tips with you for a better result. 

  • To test-fit corners, use smaller pieces that are about 6 inches long and have 45-degree angles on opposite sides. If the corner is open from the back, the angles on the real parts should be slightly raised. Again, if the corner is open from the front, the angles should be slightly lowered.
  • Attach the speed square to the molding and use the square side to guide the saw when making 90-degree cuts or butt joints. Use a crosscut or combination blade on the saw for the best results.
  • Measure twice before you cut. Watch out for the corners. Cut a small piece at an angle to make sure it fits before moving on. Buy a second trim piece to use as a practice piece.


1. Can I cut angles with a circular saw?

A circular saw can also make cuts that are nearly perfect.

2. To What degree do you cut baseboard corners?

Generally, you will be cutting 45-degree baseboard corners for your home.

3. Can I use a circular saw to cut baseboards?

Of course, you can use a circular saw to cut baseboards. 

4. What is the best saw blade to cut baseboards?

The blade which has at least 60 teeth will cut baseboards with little effort and without many problems. A saw blade with 40 or fewer teeth will only make a shallow cut and will need to be used in conjunction with other blades.

5. How do you cut baseboard corners without a miter saw?

There are a few ways to cut baseboard corners without the need for a miter saw. The easiest way is to use a handsaw and clamp it securely in place, with the blade running perpendicular to the wall. Make sure you level the saw with your level so that you can maintain an accurate, straight line.

Final Words

A circular saw is a good way to quickly make all kinds of cuts. However, if you cut the baseboards, you need to be very careful. We hope after reading this article, you’ve enough knowledge on how to cut baseboard corners with a circular saw

However, ensure you fully understand your circular saw’s power and that you can use it as intended. Failure to do so may make your cuts a bit sloppy and lead to possible injury.

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