Can You Cut Blind Using Compact Circular Saw? Things Are Not Changed in 2023!

Last Updated On April 30, 2023

Since you are here, probably you are utterly disturbed by the strong sun rays which are nowadays heating your room. What can be the easiest and most inexpensive solution then?

Using blinds in the window, of course. 

Thankfully, you can cut blinds easily according to your window size with tin snips, miter saws, hack saws, and many other power tools.

But can you cut blind using a compact circular saw?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, a compact circular saw is a great power tool to shape blinds with a perfect fit. You just need to line up the salts and the bottom rail together. With a circular saw, you can trim blinds on both sides up to eight inches shorter.

Curious about how to do it at home? Then keep on reading as we will be discussing it below.

What Can You Use to Cut Blinds? 

To be honest, there are several power tools for cutting blinds for your windows. Be it your living room at home or your workplace at the office, you can use power tools to cut blinds that support large panels.

Cutting blinds doesn’t require much, only a little patience and the right power tool such as circular saws, tin snips, hack saws, etc. You can also cut blinds with a miter saw or a chop saw maintaining a straight line.

Certainly, you have to cut blinds for your windows a bit more carefully than cutting wood. Aside from maintaining the proper cutting depth, you must focus on how to avoid chipping as well. 

Since blinds are large panels, the circular saws or the other aforementioned power tools need sharp blades to cut blinds in a proper size.

Can You Cut Blind Using Compact Circular Saw?

Thankfully yes! Among all other power tools, a compact circular saw comes in very handy to cut blinds in the proper size. Besides, it’s a very common power tool for DIYers with a sharp blade.

Honestly speaking, you can find a variety of blinds for your window in the market. 

But they might not be the perfect fit to cover your window for blocking sun rays. 

Sometimes, they are too wide. Sometimes, they are shaped incorrectly. 

To keep all these hassles at bay, isn’t it better to cut your horizontal blinds at home?

If you are  DIYer, chances are, you already own a compact saw. Then you have done the job 50%.

Yes, that’s completely true. Now, all you have to do is to learn how to cut blinds properly and trust me, that’s no rocket science at all. 

With the right circular saw, you can cut blinds according to the required size for your window treatment in no time.

Of course, having sharp saw blades is an absolute must.

How to Cut Blinds Using a Compact Circular Saw?

To cut blinds using compact circular saws, be a bit tactful to measure the window perfectly. Then you need to subtract ¼ inch from both the inside and the other side to let the blinds move easily upside down between your window sill. Finally, mark the cut line and cut accurately with your compact circular saw.

Couldn’t follow the method? No worries, we have a step-by-step guide below.

If you want to cut faux wood blinds while maintaining a straight line, follow the steps properly.

Step 1

Buy suitable blinds that are cuttable and sizable easily. Make sure the blinds are made of plastic rather than metal. This one decision can make you cut blinds way faster.

Step 2

Before you start sawing, hang the brackets in the window. Only then you can get the right measurements. 

Measure the width from the inside of one bracket to the other to decide on the exact cutting depth.

Step 3

Take masking tape to bind the blinds tightly and securely. Here, a crucial factor to cut blinds properly is to make all the blinds lined up accurately.

Also, wrap the ends of the blinds as tight as possible. You will be cutting along the line of the masking tape after all. 

Step 4

At this point, mark the exact cutting line according to your measurements and wrap it up with masking tape. 

If you don’t cut along the masking tape, all your blinds will be trashed with the circular saw blades.

Step 5

Now it’s time to start sawing. Before cutting blinds following the incorrect operating procedures, make sure you measure the cutting depth twice. 

And please wear safety goggles/safety glasses and a face shield to have a secure cut. Also, check for the saw blade so beforehand as a dull blade binds frequently.

However, place the blinds in the circular saw. It must be lined up exactly where needed. 

As the sharp blade will cut a bit extra, you need to line the saw blade outside the line. 

As there are two methods to cut blinds using a circular saw, we can put them as follows-

Cutting the Head Rail

First, you need to measure the window width based on the inside of the frame where the blinds properly fit. Take a measurement accuracy of the top, bottom, and middle of the window.

Now use the smallest measurements for greater accuracy. 

After that, subtract ¼ inch from each side of the window frame so that the blinds don’t get stuck on the window sill. 

To adjust the length, mark the blinds from the head rail based on which you might cut either from both sides or from the pull cord side only. If the pull cord is on one side, you should cut it from the other side only.

Nevertheless, please remove the metal end stiffener and the bracket from the side you are sawing. 

Most importantly, maintain a straight edge while cutting and therefore, purchase an efficient tool that can cut through any material.

Cutting the Slats

Moving forward to cutting slats, you must line up the blind slats and the bottom rail perfectly. Therefore, the pull cord of the circular saw must be totally engaged. 

Then, secure the side you are cutting in position with rubber bands or clamps.

And to prevent chipping or splintering, you must cover the slat ends with masking tape while cutting wood or faux wood blinds.

Of course, you need to draw the cutting line correctly so that the head rail doesn’t block the way of the saw blade. 

Finally, operate the circular saw properly and cut the blind slats and bottom rail. 

In this case, purchase a saw with a sharp blade. On one hand, the blade washers must be properly assembled. On the other hand, the speed marked on the blade should be equal to the claimed speed. 

Please make sure that all the blind stats are cut in the same length as the head rail and the bottom rail.

And then clean off the straight edge with the help of sandpaper.

After you get the blinds cut, take off all the tape for the proper size. If they fit way too big, you can trim off the excess following the same process.

But they shouldn’t be too small. You know that small pieces of blinds wouldn’t be of any help, right?

How to Cut Blinds That Are Too Wide?

Cutting blinds that are too wide

In most cases, horizontal blinds such as wood blinds or faux wood blinds are incorrectly measured or manufactured, and therefore, they fit a bit wider. 

To cut down horizontal blinds that are too wide, you need to cut down the valance, headrail, and slats with a circular saw.

If the headrail is too wide, re-measure your window for the accurate width and draw a line accordingly. After cutting the headrail, you can bend the ends with a screwdriver.

Similarly, if you find the blind slats too wide, cut them with a power tool such as a compact circular saw. 

You already got an idea above on how to cut the slats in the right alignment with the right power tool. 

Just follow the same process here as well. 

And finally, you need to cut the valance. To cut it accurately, draw the cutting line ⅛” shorter and put it in a flat position in the circular saw.

Most importantly, you should cut low and slow with a power tool like a compact saw or a chop saw to prevent chipping. And never operate the tool at full speed to avoid a sudden reaction of the saw blade.

Can Faux Wood Blinds Be Cut?

Can Faux wood blinds be cut

Yes, undoubtedly. In fact, faux wood blinds have the perfect material to be reshaped with a power tool instead of metal.

Whether or not you cut faux wood blinds, please remember that operating a power tool always demands the extension cord and the power cord out of the blade path so that the blade can cut uninterruptedly. 

Also, make sure you have maximum control over the tool for plunge cuts. Tying long hair back( if you have it) is highly recommended for a smoother operation.

Moreover, avoid cutting with dull blades as it will lead to blade binding.

How to Cut Window Blinds Without a Window Blind Cutter?

To cut your window blinds without a blind cutter, you can make the best use of some available power tools. The list includes a circular saw, hacksaw, chop saw or miter saw. 

In fact, any kind of hand saw will come in handy if the blinds consist of thin materials like wood. For metal-made blinds, a pair of tin snips would be the best. 

But don’t forget to wear loose clothing, a dust mask, and hearing protection even if you are using a miter saw or a compact saw to cut blinds. These will protect you from having a serious injury.

And try to store the tool in a dry place to keep the saw blade protected.

Final Words

To wrap up, we must say that blinds are the perfect coverings for your window to keep the scorching sunlight out. They, indeed, offer an aesthetic outlook to your room and office. 

But can you cut blinds using a compact circular saw?

Yes, you can. In fact, you can do it at home without any professional help. We have described the process in detail above so that you find this article helpful while attempting to cut blinds all by yourself. 

Aside from focusing solely on the blinds material, you should also focus on the speed, power source, accuracy, etc. of the cutting tool.

Already tried the tips above? Don’t forget to share your experience!

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