How to Cut Corian with A Circular Saw without Damaging the Material?

Last Updated On May 12, 2023

Cutting Corian can seem intimidating at first, but with the right tools and some practice, you’ll be a pro in no time! That being said, a circular saw is a great tool for cutting Corian because it controls the depth of the cuts. Now comes the question of how to cut Corian with a circular saw.

To successfully cut Corian using a circular saw, measure and mark the cutting line, line up the TCT blade inserted-circular saw and carefully start cutting towards the line. Then smooth out the edge to prepare for installation. 

Read on to learn about the Corian cutting process, briefly using a circular saw to avoid damaging the material. 

Required Tools to Start Cutting Corian  

You’ll need the following tools —

  • Circular saw
  • TCT saw blade
  • Workbench
  • Leveler 
  • Clamps
  • Sander
  • Sandpaper
  • Dust mask
  • Protective goggles
  • Grease marker
  • Measurement tape

How to Cut Corian with A Circular Saw—8 Simple Steps 

Corian is a tough material made of aluminum ore and acrylic and is commonly used for the countertop. Follow these steps to cut and prepare Corian so you can fit it perfectly into your desired space. 

#1 Measure the Desired Area to Install the Corian

Use the tape measure and double-check the dimensions of the area where you desire to install the Corian. You can also note down the measurement to avoid wasting the whole slab of material due to incorrect cutting.

#2 Mark the Corian

Place the Corian on a sturdy and stable cutting table or workbench and keep it steady in place using clamps. Measure and mark the dimensions under the Corian using a grease marker so you have a spotless workpiece to install. 

Measure and mark the dimensions under the Corian using a grease marker. To keep your hand steady while drawing the lines, use a straight edge and incline the marker at a 45-degree angle.

#3 Attach the Right Blade

You can use any standard circular saw to cut Corian. For the blade, a triple chip TCT (tungsten carbide tips) blade is the preferable circular saw blade to cut Corian, avoiding damaging the saw and the workpiece. 

Using other types of saw blades won’t also deliver better control and increase the risk of disaster. And avoid using ripping or combination blades to prevent getting an uneven cut or damaging the Corian permanently. 

While preparing the workpiece, wear protective gear to protect the lungs, eyes, and throat. So, wear your dust mask and eyewear and select a well-ventilated area for this operation.

#4 Prepare the Corian and Circular saw

Keep the clamp leveler 1.5 inches away from the marking distance but parallel to the cutting line. Place the saw’s base plate against the straight edge at the cutting point, ensuring the saw’s guidelines and marks are aligned.

Adjust the leveler to move the straight edge into the correct position if needed. Also, check if the work surface is flat using the leveler, set the blade depth using the lever, and lift it.

Extend the blade about 2 inches beyond the bottom of the Corian slab. Don’t forget to hold the upper handle of the saw before starting to cut.

#5 Start Cutting the Corian along the Line

Pull on the saw trigger and wait until the blade spins at full speed. Then start moving the saw while holding both hands and stop pushing if the blade starts cutting the Corian. 

The blade will pull it forward automatically, and you should let the saw do its work. After completely cutting, let the blade come to an end before you move it.

During cutting, your circular saw may become excessively hot due to the friction between the Corian and the blade. In this case, turn off the saw, wait a while to let the blade cool down, and then continue cutting. 

In addition, if the blade starts kicking back during cutting, release the trigger and take a break before restarting.

#6 Inspect the Edges

After completing the cut, check every edge and chunk for any missing pieces. Remember, the Corian’s edge should be flat during installation. So, if you find any missing edges reinstall the circular saw and cut them.

#7 Sand the Edges

Smooth out the cutting edge of the Corian using medium-grit sandpaper. Firstly, insert the sandpaper into a sander and turn it on. Hold the sander up to the Corian’s edge and press carefully into the material, so the sander rests on top. 

Start sliding the sander in a back-and-forth motion along the edge section to remove sharp, bumpy edges. If the edges of the Corian still remain rough after sanding two or three times, replace your 100-150 grit sandpaper with 320-400 grit.

Alternatively, you can sand the edges of the Corian by hand. This, however, will be time-consuming and take a lot of effort. 

#8 Inspect the Edges

Run your hand along Corian’s edge slowly. If you feel smooth, the sanding is done, and your Corian is ready for installation. But if you still feel coarse or bumps, keep sanding and testing until it feels smooth to the touch.

Video of Cutting Corian with a Circular Saw

We’ve described a simple method to cut Corian with a circular saw, so watch the video for a better understanding.


1. Can you cut Corian with a table saw?

You can cut Corian using almost any kind of saw, including a table, circular, jigsaw, or radial arm saw. However, the important consideration is using the appropriate blade, which is a TCT blade, and needs sanding to get a smooth edge.

2. Can a jigsaw cut Corian?

Cutting Corian with a jigsaw is quite tough. However, you can apply this saw after making several passes on the Corian using the circular saw to finish the rest. This combination is also preferable for making fairly deep cuts on Corian.

3. How to attach two pieces of Corian?

Apply a moderate amount of Corian joint adhesive or DuPont joint adhesive on the surface of both pieces where you want to make the joint. Then place the strip evenly over the seam and hold the two pieces together. Make sure there are no voids or dry spaces between the joints.

Final Words

So, the circular saw can cut Corian efficiently. However, it needs to be equipped with TCT blades and apply the right technique. Once you’ve learned how to cut Corian with a circular saw and understand the essential tools, you can handle this demanding task conveniently. 

Lastly, take patience and wear a dust mask to avoid ruining the project and money.

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