Revamp Your Patio in Minutes: Cut Pavers with Circular Saw Like a Pro!

Last Updated On March 18, 2023

Are you familiar with cutting pavers using a circular saw? For some it can be a brand  new concept. Pavers are usually made of a variety of elements. There are clay pavers, stone pavers, concrete pavers, etc.

You might have idea about how you can cut wood or metal with a circular saw. What about pavers? Even I once asked myself this question, can I use a circular saw to cut pavers?

cutting pavers with a circular saw

It’s a million-dollar question. You see, pavers ought to be tough so they were made to be that way. It might seem a little impossible to cut pavers with circular saws. With the proper blade and the proper cutting process, you too can cut pavers using a circular saw.

In this article, we will discuss the process of how to cut pavers with a circular saw. In the end, you will have a thorough idea regarding the cutting process of cutting pavers with a saw. So, stay tuned and follow what comes next.

What do You need to cut pavers with a circular saw?

This obvious question has one obvious answer. You need a saw. But what you don’t know is which type of saw blade you need for cutting pavers. Also, you can’t use any random circular saws to cut pavers.

You need the ones that are powerful enough to get the job done. We’ll discuss this one by one.

The Saw

Of all the things you need to complete this process, the most important one is the saw. Yes, you need a saw powerful enough that can manage cutting pavers.

Not every saw will be able to take down such a strong opponent. You would need saws that are power-hungry. The usual wattage of the power saws used to cut pavers is usually higher than 1200 watts. There is a power saw that requires 2600 watts to run.

circular saw for cutting pavers

The RPM is also an issue. Some say you can get the job done with a power saw having 5500 RPM. Wrong! A 5500 RPM saw will barely get the job done.

The optimum motor you should be aiming at is above 7000. The higher the RPM, the better results you will get.

The Saw Blade

Picking up a random blade and trying to cut pavers with them, the pavers will make you eat concrete dust. Pavers are usually flat surfaces but they have high-density material that keeps them together strongly.

Any random blade can work on wood or metal but not on this work surface. So, you need a special kind of saw blade loosely known as a diamond blade.

circular saw blade for cutting pavers

It’s actually named diamond masonry blade. These saw blades have fewer teeth but each tooth is flat and wide. Some diamond masonry blades don’t even have teeth.

Again, the surface compatibility of a diamond masonry blade can vary. Some are from stone, some are for concrete blocks, etc. If you don’t have a diamond masonry blade in your possession, you better get one. Make sure you assess the paver flat surface that you are about to cut before getting one.

Oh, almost forgot, the size. There are different sizes too. You have to know exactly how thick the paver place is before getting a blade. Measure the concrete blocks to find out if they are made of concrete.

Safety Instructions

Before starting your saw at full speed there are a few safety precautions. Without these measures, you may perform several passes on the pavers. But by that time, your eyes, ears, and other body parts will be compromised due to dust and you might even hurt yourself. Here’s what you need.

Safety Goggles

For keeping your eyes protected, get a pair of eye protective goggles. As you begin cutting after wearing them, you will realize what good you have done to yourself.

Ear protection

In all DIY projects, eye and ear protection are considered top-tier safety measures. At work, the saw will make a huge sound and there will be small particles splitting here and there.

If any of them go inside your ear by any chance, it can make you deaf permanently. So, keep your ears protected while working.

Dust Mask

Due to COVID-19, we are forced to wear a mask everywhere we go. In dusty areas, we used to wear masks by default. While working on pavers, the cutting process will generate a lot of dust.

If the dust enters through your nose or mouth, it will cause severe harm to your lungs. So, wear a dust mask at all times of working with the saw.

Working Gloves

Imagine a non-sharp object spinning at 7000 RPM. If you put your finger inside that, it will cut your finger in half.

Now, you will be working with a diamond blade. It has a really sharp edge. Any wrong move can cause severe accidents. To avoid that wear working gloves at all times.

How To Cut Pavers With a Circular Saw

I know exactly how eager you are to go through the cutting line with a power saw. But these things are necessary for you to know.

By any chance if you were about to hit the pavers with, let’s say a finishing saw blade, you would’ve caused yourself great damage because the teeth would’ve been broken instantly and could’ve hit you anywhere.

Now, if you’re ready let’s begin the process. First, you need-

  • Measuring instruments
  • A pencil
  • Non-slip mat
  • Hammer and chisel

And of course, your saw with the diamond blade.

Step 1

First, take all the safety measures mentioned above. One added moderation is that don’t let anyone near the place of your work. If you have a helping hand, tell them to wear the same safety gear that you are rocking.

Step 2

Now it’s time to use the pencil that you took. You have to pencil mark the paver in a straight line starting from the front side and the back.

The usual suggestion to master this process is to use measuring tools and mark accordingly on the paver. The marked line will be your cutting line.

Step 3

Place the non-slip mat on the surface where you will keep the pavers. Some people would not recommend you to have a non-slip mat. But the thing is, a paver is not a material that you will able to cut smoothly.

The non-slip mat is necessary because while you try to cut the paver, it will tend to slip from the surface as you make several passes on the same spot to cut the paver.

So, place the mat on the Surface and keep the paver on the mat

Step 4

If you don’t have your saw ready, this step is for you. First, see if all the locks on the saw are perfect. If a saw is lost even a little, it will cause you definite injury. So, check the locks carefully.

Step 5

Adjust the depth of the saw to 1/2 inch. If the depth is too much, the blade will kick back.

This is for your own safety. Don’t set it more than 1/2-inch at first.

Step 6

Put the blade in and lock it properly. Plug the saw into the nearest outlet.

Step 7

Now you can begin with the cutting. Go along the marked line. Try to be as accurate as possible.

Again, the pavers will not be precisely cut with a single pass. You have to make several passes at one spot for the saw blade to reach the 1/2-inch depth. Do this on both sides one side at a time.

Step 8

Some say this step is unnecessary but if your pavers are thick, you have to do it. Increase the depth of the saw to 1 inch and run on both sides just like in the previous step.

Step 9

It’s time to use the hammer and chisel. Place the chisel firmly inside the cut line. It has to be a masonry chisel. Otherwise, one strike of the hammer will break it.

Place the chisel at different positions in the cutting line and hit it with the hammer several times until the pavers come apart.

A Few Tips from the Gear Guide

Following the process would result in what you wanted. But these few tips will ensure better results.

  • Make sure the cuts are deep enough for the hammer and chisel to get the job done.
  • The blade may cause time duration to increase if it is not sharp enough. Sharpen it a little.


Can I use a circular saw to cut pavers?

Yes, you can use a circular saw to cut pavers, but it’s important to use the proper blade and take safety precautions to avoid injury.

What is the best tool to cut pavers?

The best tool to cut pavers depends on the project, but commonly used options include a wet saw, angle grinder, or chisel and hammer.

Final Words

There you have it folks. Following these methods, you can easily cut pavers using a circular saw. If you still think the process is confusing for you, I would recommend that you get ready with all the materials and try it once.

If you follow all the steps and also the tips, the end result will definitely be satisfactory.

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