How To Cut Skirting Board On Wall: Quick Steps Is Here!

Last Updated On February 10, 2023

Tired of damage while cutting the skirting board? Or, Want to remove skirting boards for fitting cabinets?

Using a handheld circular saw or san saw would be an absolute solution as these saws are good at cutting in compact spaces and won’t damage the wall or floorings.

When you’re intending to fit any cabinet or bookshelves on the wall, you have to cut the skirting board without removing it from the wall. If the board is still attached to the wall, it becomes hard to remove the board. To get rid of such issues, we are here with some quick steps which help you to cut the skirting board on the wall in seconds!

Still confused about how to cut skirting board on wall? Go through our detailed guide for a clear detail and follow our tips to avoid damage while cutting.

How To Cut Skirting Board On Wall- Step by Step Guide

To cut the skirting board on the wall quickly, follow some steps including marking the board, using a handheld circular saw, and cutting the skirting board. Then, you can use a chisel and hammer to detach the board and rub it with sandpaper to avoid damage. Let’s into these steps in detail.

Step 01: Mark The Board

First of all, take the measuring tape and measure the length of the cabinet or bookshelves that you want to set on the wall. If you’re done with the measurement, place the measuring tape on the board. Then, run the pencil line to mark the board properly.

Sometimes, proper tape measure becomes a little hard for beginners. If you face such issues, place back the cabinet firmly against the wall. Place it as close as possible by pushing it firmly. Once you set the cabinet in place, take out the pencil. After that, go for a straight cut several times so that you can maintain the line while cutting.

Step 02: Use a Handheld Circular Saw

Next, pick a handheld saw to make the cuts. As a handheld saw is portable and easy to use in set things, you can cut a skirting board in seconds. In fact, some battery saws don’t even require an electric connection, which makes your job much easier.

If you don’t have a circular saw, you can use a small hand saw set to cut the skirting board. But, these boards are made of little hard materials. Hence, it takes a little time to cut these boards with the hand saw.

Step 03: Cut The Skirting Board

Start the circular saw and go through the skirting board. Actually, it’s not so simple as the board is attached to the wall. Now, start with the top first and then go to the bottom. Keep sure the circular saw is not touching the ground. Otherwise, it will cut down the floor. To get rid of such issues, avoid using a mitre sawand multi-cutter.

Then, take the hand or coping saw and go for a few times of blade jiggling. If you only use the multi-tool handsaw, the process becomes a little time-consuming. But, using the circular saw can save time and make a deep cutting line so that you can use the hand saw blade quickly. Repeat the process for the other marked side to complete the cutting.

Step 04: Detach The Board With Chisel

When you’re done with the hand saw, take out the chisel and hammer to detach the board from the wall. In fact, if you still feel the handsaw cut isn’t deep enough to detach the board, use the chisel to cut it properly. Besides, as you’re cutting the board without removing it from the wall, you can’t use a mitre box for proper cuts.

Now, it’s time to use the chisel and hammer to detach the board. Firstly, set the chisel at the top of the board. Secondly, push the chisel a little bit for proper setup. Thirdly, use the hammer to nail down to the end of the first skirting board. Finally, gently rock the chisel to the other end of the board for further chisel work to clean the edges and repeat the process slowly.

As soon as you see space between the wall and the skirting board, hold one end and jiggle it a little bit to detach the board. After a few seconds of jiggling, the skirting board will come out completely.

Step 05: Use a Sandpaper

Most people avoid the use of sandpaper to save time. But, when you’re going to set the cabinet in place, the sharp edges of the skirting board may leave some marks on your priceless cabinets.

To get rid of such issues, use coarse sandpaper to rub the sharp edges and external corners of the skirting board. No need to go too deep on internal corners but rub it for a few seconds to get a proper result. Once you’re done with the sandpaper, slide the cupboard back into the space to fit properly.

Tips To Cut Skirting Boards On Wall

Let’s have a look at some tips you should follow while cutting skirting boards on the wall.

  1. Always remember to cut the side of the line where you want to set the cabinet or bookshelves. Try to avoid cutting on the wrong side, otherwise, the cabinet won’t be able to fit properly.
  2. Keep the circular saw above the ground to avoid damage. Don’t go too deep while cutting the skirting board and cover the lower area with a sharp hand saw.
  3. Don’t be hard with the chisel and hammer while detaching the board. Being too hard may destroy the wall. So, hit the chisel softly multiple times to avoid damage.


What Is The Best Tool To Cut Skirting Boards On Walls?

A handsaw is the best tool to cut skirting boards on walls. But, as these saws take a little time, use a handheld circular saw to make deep lines. Then, finish the cut with the handsaws.

Can You Cut a Skirting Board Without Removing?

Yes, you can cut a skirting board by using a handsaw, circular saw, and chisel. It is better to use a sharp handsaw to avoid damage to the skirting boards.

How Can You Remove Skirting Boards Without Damaging The Wall?

Use the chisel and hammer to nail down to remove skirting boards. Don’t be hard while hammering to avoid damage.

Final Words

Finally, we are at the end of our detailed guide. As we tried to cover the cutting process step by step, we hope this article will help you to cut the skirting board on the wall quickly.

On top of that, we have added a few tips to avoid damage to the wall while cutting the skirting boards. So, follow the process step by step right now to cut the skirting board in a few seconds!

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