How To Cut 4×4 With A Circular Saw Easily: Step-By-Step Guide

Last Updated On May 3, 2023

You may need a piece of 4×4 wood with bevel cuts for your DIY projects or other constructional works. In that case, a circular saw can be a handy tool due to its adaptability and mobility. But how to cut 4×4 with a circular saw?

Generally, cutting a 4×4 bevel cut with a circular is relatively easier than other alternatives. First, ensure that the wood is secured and marked, then adjust the blade and place it over the wood. Now let it cut through the lumber slowly.

Read on to learn the step-by-step process in detail.

How To Cut 4×4 With A Circular Saw?

Here, we’ll break down the process of how to cut a 4×4 bevel with circular saw step by step for your precise understanding.

Step 1: Secure The Cutting Piece

If you want an accurate and precise result of the final cutting piece, then you must secure the beam first for enough grip and support. Clamp your beam into a flat, even, and solid table.

Step 2: Estimate And Mark It

Now you need to measure and mark the piece according to the final piece you want. Measuring the cutting piece twice before starting the process is ideal for ensuring every measurement is right. Using a pencil to mark is preferable so that you can erase the previous mark in case of re-marking.

Step 3: Adjust The Cutting Depth And Line The Blade

Circular saws are versatile but have some limitations in terms of cutting depth. You just can’t grab the tool and cut through a 4×4 beam because it won’t. 

Generally, a traditional circular saw includes a 6-1/2” or 7-1/4” blade which has the highest cutting depth of 2-1/8” and 2-1/2” for 90° cuts. But you need to cut 3-1/2” with the blade for a 4×4 beam. Therefore, you need to ensure that the blade in your saw is capable of cutting all the way through a 4×4.

Now line up your saw’s blade on the cutting piece. Make sure the angle of the blade is accurate, and the blade is square.

Step 4: Cut

After you’ve secured, measured, and marked the wood and the blade is in its place, it’s high time that you cut the beam. Start from the scrap end and cut the piece gradually. 

Suppose you want the final piece to be 6’ long and 4×4, and you’ve measured the wood from the right. In that case, the left side is the ideal side to place the blade. This way, you can cut through the wood perfectly.

Step 5: Turn The Wood And Cut it Again

Now unclamp the beam, flip the wood at 90°, and then secure it again. Cut the wood again following the similar method explained above. Follow the same cutting and flipping method until you get the 4 cuts, and the final piece is separated from the original piece.

Step 6: Finish The Task

The final step is inspecting the final piece. Check whether the measurements are correctly cut and if any area of the 4×4 piece needs sanding for leveling. And if everything is okay, then congress, you did it!

Video of Cutting 4×4 With A Circular Saw

Still, confused and wondering how to go through the process? Check out this video for a real-life understanding. 

Alternatives Of A Circular Saw For Cutting 4×4

Here are some other tools that also can be used if you don’t have a circular saw:

  1. Milter Saw
  2. Hacksaw Blade
  3. Radial Arm Saw
  4. Reciprocating Saw
  5. Chainsaw
  6. Table Saw
  7. Jigsaw

Pro Tips For Safe And Accurate Cut Of A 4×4 Bevel Beam

We’ve also gathered some tips from expert woodworkers to help you with the process of cutting 4×4 wood.

  • Ensure the cutting depth is set correctly before your begin.
  • Always unplug the blade before you make any adjustments.
  • Use rasps to smooth and clean your final wood piece.
  • Keep your hands away from the blade while cutting.
  • Let the separated 4×4 wood drop in the ground instead of trying to catch it with a running saw.
  • Don’t force the blades to cut through the wood; it can cause pinch points which will damage the wood and the saw too.


1. Can you use a circular saw for bevel cuts?

Yes, a circular saw can be used to make bevel cuts on wood. This tool contains a pivoting base through which you can make bevel cuts. In fact, you can also make a mitre cut with a different angle of the blade.

2. Can a circular saw cut a 4×4 post?

A circular saw is considered the best portable and precise tool for cutting a 4×4 post wood. You can easily cut the wood from the ground perfectly with a circular saw using a few simple tricks.

3. Can you cut a 4×4 with a hand saw?

Yes, you can cut a 4×4 with a hand saw, but it isn’t the easiest method. You’ll need high concentration and patience to cut through the wood. Although this process is time-consuming, it can give you a precise bevel cut.

4. Can you angle a circular saw?

You can adjust a circular saw according to your need. For example, when you want to make bevel cuts, you can tilt the blades more than 45°. 

5. How many teeth do I need on my circular saw blade?

Generally, a circular saw blade with 24 teeth is ideal for most construction jobs. These blades are aggressive enough to cut through the wood easily and quickly with the highest accuracy.


You just learned the process of how to cut 4×4 with a circular saw from the above discussion. The process is pretty straightforward and doesn’t take long to complete.

However, make sure you don’t force the blades to cut quickly; instead, go slowly and let the blades cut on their own. Plus, keep yourself at a safe distance from the blade when the saw is running to prevent getting injured from sudden kickback.

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