Do I Need An Electric Brake on My Circular Saw? If yes, Then Why?

Last Updated On May 2, 2023

We all try to be safe when trying to use some kind of saw with sharp blades. For circular saws, it’s even more necessary to keep up with the safety check. And with safety, the brake system comes along.

Now you might think, ‘Do I need an electric brake on my circular saw or can it be any brake?’

Well, for your extra safety, an electric brake on your saw is something you need. The circular saw will stop spinning within 2 seconds with an electric brake and that’s how it’ll save you from risks.

Here we’re going to discuss these situations in depth so let’s start!

What is an Electric Brake on a Circular Saw?

In a circular saw, an electric brake helps like a shield to protect you from unnecessary inconveniences. It helps to stop the blade immediately within a few seconds when you slowly release the trigger. 

In general manual brakes take around 10-15 seconds to stop; hence the risk there is always high. But here, you’ll be able to stop it just the time you want.

Electric Brake Types for Circular Saws

There are 2 types of electric brakes when you want to use them on circular saws. They’re hand levers and foot pedals.

In foot pedal ones, the brake blocks the access of the blade from your body so that you can stay safe as long as you’re working. This type has surfaces of high friction to give a better grip as well.

On the flip side, the hand lever brake doesn’t block your access instead it gives full freedom to the work. They actually don’t have any lock mechanism.

How Does an Electric Brake Work?

The work of an electric brake is pretty simple yet powerful. It works to guard you against threatening situations. 

So, an electric brake reverses the electricity flow of a circular saw blade when you liberate the trigger. This helps the blade spin stop fast within 2 seconds. The quick current stoppage can help you from danger as well as the poor cut.

By poor cut, we mean if you find out in the middle of your cutting session that you’re doing something wrong, you can stop the blade right away.

Your electric saw will do this work and will let you reduce the damage.

Do I Need An Electric Brake on My Circular Saw?

Absolutely, you do need an electric brake on your circular saw. Look, circular saws are versatile tools that work like magic if you want to cut something. No matter if it’s crosscuts, rip cuts, or even beveled cuts, a circular saw is the one.

The concerning fact is that you need to be super safe while using this product. But sometimes you don’t get to pay attention much to yourself while working. In this situation, you need to have a feature on your saw which will make sure you’re safe.

And that feature is the electric brake!

Being the convenient yet dangerous tool that the circular saw is, it’s always good to have a superior brake system on it. This way, if your hand ever slips by accident, you can stop the machine at once (which can’t happen in manual saws).

You just have to release the trigger and remove your hand from the risky zone. Without any injury, your life will be saved.

When Should You Consider An Electric Brake on the Circular Saw?

So, this is a real question now. Definitely, you have to understand when you’re going to need an electric brake. The situations are like this,

  • If you’re working on very thick material, for example, thick wood, you’ll need an electric brake. It’s because bulky or sturdy materials need more force and while you’re giving strength over that, you’re closely associated with the saw. This can lead to acute injury, so you need the brake here.
  • Sometimes circular saws tend to kick back while the task is going on. This happens when some uneven part of the wood or substance comes by. If you don’t stop the brake right there, it can cause you a lifetime wound. Thus, you need an electric brake circular to stop kickbacks.
  • The common problem with circular saws is that they get hot very easily (we mean too hot). Purchasing and connecting an electric brake can cool down the tool immediately. As a result, the saw blade will stop spinning speedily too; it means you’re out of danger.

These are the reasons why you should consider buying an electric brake on your circular saw.

Is An Electric Brake Worth the Money?

Yes, electric brakes are worth the money because they can literally save your life. What’s more important than your security, right?

Still, let’s show you some awesome facts about electric brake on your circular saw which will let you think of spending some extra pounds on it!

  • Electric brakes can help you to control the kickback of the saw. This can be deadly so you can already imagine the worth.
  • It stops the saw blade from spinning faster which can be dangerous to your material including you.
  • The saw can work better with an electric brake on it by staying cooler.
  • It’ll give you mental satisfaction while you’re working as you’ll already know you’re protected no matter what happens.

Note: This video below can help to know more about the electric brake of a circular saw.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the safety requirements for using a circular saw?

It’s necessary to follow some safety rules while you’re cutting something with a saw. For circular saws, you can wear goggles, a face shield, a dust mask, a respirator, and earphones for avoiding noise.

2. What to avoid while working with a circular saw with an electric brake?

You need to maintain some guidelines while working with a circular saw, especially an electric brake one. For example, 

  • You should never place your hand under the guard of your saw. 
  • Try not to tighten your saws blade locking nut.
  • Never use a circular saw that vibrates
  • Fix the screws properly every time you start working or else it may cause a life-threatening risk
  • Don’t try to overreach instead try to balance the task
  • Always read the instructions coming with the tool

3. Can you cut wet wood with a circular saw?

With an electric brake on the circular saw, you can definitely cut the wet wood. Just fix the blade, make sure it’s sharp enough, adjust the brake, and voila! Your cut will be fine as the professionals.

Final Verdict

Still thinking about ‘Do I need an electric brake on my circular saw’, type of questions? Just throw this thought away and go purchase a tool with a powerful electric brake.

Trust us; it’ll give you assurance, confidence, and safety all along. Besides, your cuts will be clean and even as well.

However, try to be careful as well because any risk can happen at any time, and relying on a machine to provide you full of that security is not wise at all.

All the best!

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