How Long Does a Cordless Circular Saw Last on a Full Charge?

Last Updated On April 30, 2023

As a woodworker, you love to build exclusive DIY projects with wood, metal, and plastic, right? Whatever, you will need a cordless tool that can help you smoothly cut objects in the perfect shape with accuracy. 

Before going to this powerful tool, people often wonder, ‘How long does a cordless saw last on a full charge? The battery life of a cordless circular saw varies based on the saw’s brand, model, and usage, typically lasting between 30 minutes to an hour on a full charge, but can last up to two hours or more. 

Moreover, a quality cordless circular saw weighs around 8.5 to 13 lbs which means it’s a portable circular saw and lightweight to carry. Also, the cordless power tool has a built-in battery-powered circular saw that needs to be recharged; besides, you can also use multiple batteries for seamless operation. 

Now, you’re going to know in-depth information about cordless tools with battery-powered circular saws to go.

Do cordless circular saws last long?

Yes, cordless circular saws last long, and you can get through a decade with cordless power if you maintain and take care of them properly.

That’s not any joke; in its huge lifespan, you will need to take care of a few things such as the battery and the motor.

Before using the cutting power tools, you need to make sure that the battery is fully recharged and other components that help get maximum cutting depth are working perfectly.

Things to remember, the battery life of a cordless saw depends on the battery voltage. Moreover, batteries have different lifespans and capacities based on manufacturers.

Also, the Lithium-ion battery packs used in the cordless versions are rechargeable and can last for 4 – 5 years. So, there is no hassle of buying the same batteries again and again for power tools.

Benefits of cordless circular saws

A cordless circular saw provides a lot of benefits with its ergonomic architecture. It is the best choice for DIY wood projects and is also used by professional carpenters. If you are confused about whether or not to buy a cordless circular saw, here are the pros to help you decide,

Cordless power saws provide some extra benefits absent in corded circular saws. If you haven’t used a cordless circular saw before, you may not be aware of the wonderful features it offers. Here are mentioned some of them,  

1. Ergonomic design

The cordless circular saw is the upgraded version of the corded circular saw. Despite the performance gap between these two types, cordless power saws are often chosen for flexibility.

If you need a tool that can help you depth cut through pieces of wood within a moment, cordless with quality blades is the best option. They aren’t so heavy, you can easily lift them up and start cutting objects smoothly.

2. Safer than corded saws

As long as you are operating them carefully, there will be no risk with corded or cordless circular saws. With a cordless saw, you don’t need to worry about the cords getting into the saw.

Since there is no power cord, you can decide on any place and turn it into your workplace by placing the saw. With a power cord, you are fixed in one place and it also requires a power plugin to install before starting.

3. Save time and energy

Cordless circular saws save a lot of time and energy. As they are convenient and include less weight than a corded circular saw, you can consider them for improved performance.

No need to waste your time finding a power supply and dealing with a heavyweight machine when you have this better choice instead.

In addition, a corded circular saw consumes high electricity, which can be a great deal if you aren’t using it for professional purposes. 

4. Includes unique features

These power tools are becoming more sophisticated and equipped with more built-in features at present.

For instance, you can see some tools have been added with tools that create vacuum pressure to blow the sawdust away from your workplace. Some cordless circular saw features a work light that allows continuing work even in low light and at night.

What are the differences between corded and cordless circular saws?

There are significant differences between corded and cordless circular saws. It varies in power, build quality, output, etc., between the two types of saws. When buying a new circular saw, you need to consider a lot of things.

Whether you’re looking for a corded power saw or a cordless circular saw, knowing the differences will help you choose the best one for your needs. Here are the differences between corded and cordless circular saws:

Corded circular sawCordless circular saw
Power SourceThe cordless circular saw uses battery power so the amperage can’t be estimated. It will depend on the battery charge.As its name suggests, this type of circular saw has a power cord that needs to connect to a power supply. 
AmpsAs it is operated with electricity, it uses amps. There are different types of corded circular saw motors, 10/12 amps, 13 amps, and 15 amps. You can choose the 15 amps if you are looking for the highest power flow and maximize the result.Cordless circular saw uses battery power so the amperage can’t be estimated. It will depend on the battery charge.
WeightFor a cordless circular saw, 6 1/5″ diameters will fit best for DIY rip cut purposes.Cordless power saws are designed to be handheld so they can be taken and operated anywhere. Without the battery, the machine doesn’t have much weight. And it is light, portable, and convenient to use. 
Saw BladeBlade size is one of the important issues for circular saws. There is a variety of blade diameters available for both saws. For instance, you can choose a 7 1/4 inches blade that can cut through more than 3 inches of thick materials.For a cordless circular saw, 6 1/5″ diameters will fit best for DIY rip-cut purposes.
Cutting capacityCorded circular saw has 3″ – 3.5” cutting capacity. You can easily get cross cut, miter cut, bevel cut, or compound cut with this saw.Cutting capacity is a little bit lower than corded saws but you can get 2 1/16″ of cutting capacity with cordless circular saw.
PriceThe price varies based on the product model and features and it ranges from $70 – $200Price ranges from $70 – $170

Are cordless circular saws worth it?

Yes, cordless circular saws are definitely worth the investment, especially if you’re looking for a handheld portable saw that you could use in tight and narrow spaces or on the go.

Things to remember, corded ones have more power and work faster than their cordless counterparts. But cordless ones are smaller and lighter in weight, but they have less power. So you’ll need to invest in batteries if you want to use them for extended periods of time. 

However, If you want something that’s easy to carry around with you when you’re working on projects in different rooms at home or at work, then a cordless model is probably what you want. They are a great way to save money on your home renovation projects.

Final Words

Cordless circular saws are the best option for home workstations for DIYers, and a must-have tool for professional carpenters. 

However, they can be used for any complex object cutting, such as plastic and metal as well. A cordless circular saw is powered by 18 – 20 volt batteries. If you’re worried about battery life, buy some backup batteries so you can go with them for the long haul. 

Although corded circular saw provides more power than cordless, they lack portability and the ease of use that a cordless circular saw provides. If you have a corded power saw, you still need a cordless one to work with more flexibility.

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