How to Change a Blade on a Skilsaw Circular Saw

Last Updated On July 1, 2023

Skilsaw Circular saws are frequently used at construction sites and workshops. These tools are highly efficient for making straight-line and accurate cuts. However, to maintain them properly, you need to know how to change a blade on a Skilsaw circular saw.

 Make sure to take the blade guard off before starting the process. To change the blade – unplug the saw, use a socket wrench to remove the bolts, and finally replace the old blade with a new one!

Follow the steps correctly and you can change it right at home!

When to Change A Blade on A Skilsaw Circular Saw?

You might be wondering how to know that you need to replace your Skilsaw circular saw blade. Here are some signs you should look out for –

Dull Blade

If you notice that the blade isn’t cutting through wood as smoothly anymore, it might be a sign to change your blade. Always replace dull blades with new ones right away!

Uneven Cuts

Sometimes the side of the blade might start burning through the wood instead of cutting it. If this happens, you should take action immediately!

Difference in Materials

If you’re cutting through different types of materials, it might be better to use specific blades. Not all blades can cut through every material accurately.

Specific Style of Cutting

When you need to make a certain type of cut, you might require a particular blade. It’s important to know your blades and how to operate them.

Apart from these reasons, always keep an eye on your Skilsaw circular saw to notice any defects or inefficiencies. If you notice any, change the blade as soon as you can!

How to Change a Blade on a Skilsaw Circular Saw

Now that you know when to change the blade, let’s take a look at the steps in detail.

Follow this list of steps to safely remove the old blade and replace it with a new one –

Unplug the Skilsaw Circular Saw

The first and foremost thing you should do is make sure the saw is unplugged and turned off. If your circular saw has a cord, remove the cord. In case it’s a cordless one, take out the batteries.

Lock the Skilsaw Blade

To restrict the blade from moving, press the red button and lock it. Thus, you can prevent accidents and ensure safety.

Find the Right Blade for Replacement

Before you move on to the actual task, ensure that you have the appropriate blade. Generally, a 10-inch circular saw requires a 10-inch blade.

Don’t try to force a blade into a Skilsaw circular saw without knowing its size and requirements.

Look for the Blade Guard and Arbor

Like every other circular saw, Skilsaw also comes with a blade guard that protects the blade. So, place the saw on a firm surface and lift the guard to make sure the blade is exposed.

If your saw has an arbor lock, make sure it is locked in place. 

All modern circular saws have a spindle lock that has to be engaged before you remove the blade.

Remove the Bolts

Use a socket wrench to take out the bolts that are retaining the blade. Once the bolts are removed, the blade will be loosened and you can replace it.

Replace with New Blade

After removing the old blade from your Skilsaw circular saw, it’s time for the final step. Place the new blade properly, aligning it with the bolts.

Make sure that the teeth of the blade are angled downward on the front side of the saw. The blade should cut through materials smoothly when it’s spun in a clockwise direction.

Off-topic, what will you do with your old circular saw blades? Will you put the blade into the trash or make another thing like a knife and show pieces to decorate your home? Let me know in the comment section.


Once your blade is replaced, rearrange the safety guard to its original position. Finally, release the red safety button so that the circular saw can be used again.

Remember that circular saw blades cut from the bottom up. The direction that the tips of the saw blade should face is indicated on the label.

If you’re still confused about the process, you can check out this video for a clear visual representation.


How do I protect a Skilsaw circular saw blade?

Never rest the blade on metal or cement. Always put it down on plywood or plastic for safety.

Which way do I turn a circular saw blade to tighten?

For right-handed saws, turn the bolts clockwise to tighten them. In case you’re using a left-handed saw, turn it counterclockwise.

How often do I have to change the blade on a Skilsaw?

Depending on the intensity of usage, a good blade may last from six months to a couple of years.


Since there are different models of circular saws, the process of replacing blades varies. Most people wonder how to change a blade on a Skilsaw circular saw.

Some of the key steps include unplugging the saw, loosening the bolts, fastening the locks – and finally replacing the blade. Always ensure your safety while removing the blade and keep an eye out for any movements.

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