How to Cut Laminate Shelving with A Circular Saw?

Last Updated On February 10, 2023

Cutting laminate shelving with a saw can seem a little tricky. But, at ease! With the correct techniques and tools, it’s not challenging anymore. Then, how to cut laminate shelving with a circular saw? Does it take less time that way?

Yes, trimming the shelving with a sharp-bladed saw can be smooth. It’ll take a short time. All you need is to take the required steps to avert the edges of the boards from chipping.

How to Cut Laminate Shelving with a Circular Saw?

Today, we’ll walk you through the places to cut the materials right, while ensuring a precise and clean outcome. Let’s begin!

Step 1: Gather the Compulsory Tools

The first and foremost step in trimming laminate shelving is to collect the necessary tools. If you gather all the basic things you need, your task will be done in less time. To save your time and energy, you’ll need,

  • A circular saw
  • A straight edge
  • A pencil
  • A tape measure
  • A laminate-cutting blade. 

The laminate-cutting blade is designed especially for cutting laminate stuff. It’ll ensure an immaculate cut without chipping the surface so make sure you have it.

Step 2: Mark and Measure

Now come to the step that’s needed for an accurate consequence. We mean, if you want the cleanest cut, you have to measure and mark the laminate shelving. There are two steps,

  1. Measure the shelving to your desired length with the painter’s tape
  2. Then, make a mark with the pencil at each end of the shelving. You have to use a straightedge to make sure your marks are linear and parallel to the edge of the shelf.

Step 3: Secure the Laminate Shelving

Now, you have to secure the laminate shelving. It’s crucial so that you don’t make a mistake after the final cut. All you need is to clamp it to a work surface or have a helping hand hold the piece while you make the cut.

Step 4: Set the Saw to the Exact Depth

In the next step, you need to place the circular saw at the right depth. It should be set correctly to extend the saw blade moderately above the laminate shelving. This way you’ll be sure that the material won’t get damaged in any way.

Step 5: Line Up the Circular Saw with the Marks

This is the time to line up the saw with the designed marks you made earlier. Touch the tool according to the spots to get the exact shape.

Step 6: Cut the Laminate Shelving

With the depth set and the saw lined up, now you can make the cut. Hold the laminate shelving firmly and make a steady and even cut along the marks. 

Remember to be calm while cutting the board. You shouldn’t give much pressure, instead, just keep going with the flow (marks).

Step 7: Check the Cut for Precision

Once the cut is complete, check it out for accuracy. Use a straight edge to ensure that the chop is aligned with the edge of the laminate shelving. 

If necessary, you can make adjustments as well.

What is Laminate Shelving?

Laminate shelving is a type of board that’s made of particleboard. This board has a melamine finish which is hard as well. 

The material is super smooth and slick in a way that you can keep your clothes, linens and towels orderly here. There’ll be no tangly situation which will basically keep your fabrics clean and in shape.

However, laminate shelving need little maintenance and it’s somewhat crafty if you want to redo it.

Why You Should Use Circular Saw to Cut Laminate Shelving?

As laminate shelving is a common material for many home projects, it can be artful to cut because of its delicate surface. But if you choose a keen-bladed saw, your task will become 10x easier.

Talking about the sharpness of a blade, circular saws are popular in that case. They have good edges, they’re quick, handy and portable no matter what type of substance you want to cut.

Note that, you can get left and right-handed tools for extra convenience.

While other saws like table saws struggle to cut a straight line, circular saws keep it direct. They can do long, short, plunge, bevel, miter cuts with proper accuracy. Of course, without causing any serious damages or injuries.

Hence, these saws are cheaper in cost thus anyone can purchase them and use them for their cutting session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is laminate easy to cut?

Laminate shelving is basically very slick. You have to be super careful while cutting it. For the easy and smooth finish, it’s better to choose a circular saw as they’re sharp, handy and less time-consuming.

Is laminate stronger than wood?

Well, wood tends to be less scratch resistant than laminate. Laminate shelves are amazing in durability, cleaning process, thickness and water resistance. It means they’re pretty strong.

What should I see before cutting a laminate shelving?

You should concentrate on many things before the trimming session but the most important thing is the blade. If your saw blade is not sharp. It’ll take ages to finish the task. Also, the outcome will be horrible with no straight line.


That’s all about how to cut laminate shelving with a circular saw. It’s a bit of tricky work but with a few basic tools and some practice, we’re sure you’ll complete it. By following the above steps, you can definitely get the upshot without any chipping to the surface. 

However, always use suitable safety equipment like ear and eye protection to avoid injuries. And if you don’t feel comfortable cutting the boards, get a professional.

Good luck!

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