How To Cut Wet Wood With A Circular Saw: Get Precise Cut Quickly!

Last Updated On June 25, 2023

Last week I bought a circular saw and tried to cut some wet wood. But I failed to cut perfectly as the wood frequently clogged with the blade, and the saw slipped several times. I spent hours with the wood pieces and finally got a perfect cut.  

Then, How to Cut Wet Wood With A Circular Saw? First, pick a sharp blade to avoid slipping the saw and cut smoothly. Then, clamp the wood to a surface and ensure the wood is in a stable position while cutting. Finally, start cutting the wood accurately with a bit of care and patience. 

Still, confused about cutting wet wood? Go through our detailed guide for a quick clarification and get excellent wet wood pieces with a circular saw! 

How To Cut Wet Wood With A Circular Saw 

If you’re cutting through wet wood, it is better to use a circular saw. As cutting wet wood is a little more tricky than a dry one, you must follow some steps, including safety precautions, precise measurement, going through the piece, and frequently cleaning the saw. For better cutting results, let’s dig into these steps in detail.

Safety Precautions

While dealing with wet wood, issues like splintering and kickback are not only just damaging the cuts but also dangerous to you. 

In fact, severe injuries are reported due to careless cutting of wet wood. Hence, always wear safety goggles and gloves before going through wet wood.

Precise Measurement

Once you’re ready with the safety equipment, use a measuring tape to measure the wet wood precisely. Most cuts are less accurate when cutting wet wood. If you’re not taking a perfect measurement, you won’t have a precise piece. As a result, it is better to take a few more minutes but make the measurement 100% accurate.

Go Through The Wood

After measuring the wet wood perfectly, it’s time to go through the material. Take the circular saw and place it perfectly on the mark. Then, push the saw smoothly towards the wood piece for a perfect cut. If the wooden piece is bigger than the blade, rotate the piece slowly to have a precise cut.

Cleaning The Saw

When you’re cutting wet wood, the saw will get clogged regularly due to moisture. To get rid of such issues, keep cleaning the saw frequently. Otherwise, the blade may get heated and damage the saw. So, always keep a close eye while cutting wet wood to get precise & quality cuts.

Is It Good To Use A Circular Saw To Cut Wet Wood?

Yes, it is good to use a circular saw to cut wet wood. But remember, you have to keep enough patience to do this work. Otherwise, the saw can cause issues like splintering & kickbacks. 

On top of that, the saw blade can clog with wet wood, so clean the blade frequently to avoid clogging. To get an accurate cutting of the wood, cut the wood slowly with precise measurements. Moreover, safety gloves help avoid kicking back or splintering while cutting the wet wood. That’s why it is better to dry the wet wood well before cutting.

Why Do Circular Saws Kick Back With Wet Wood? 

While cutting wet wood, a build-up of pinch saw blade surface increases the blade’s thickness and the saw plate friction. As a result, the circular saw can kick back the operator while cutting the wet wood.

Circular saws are great for versatile wood cutting. In contrast, it can be dangerous while cut too-wet wood and kick back the operator. However, it is required to properly clamp and secure the saw blade before starting the cutting process. Due to the incorrect setting, the saw blade will move and kick back. 

Again, an unguided cut is another cause of kicking back. As a result, make precise measurements while cutting wet wood. In fact, hold the saw blade with both hands and keep a firm grip on the blade to control the saw. 

Also, it is better to go through the wet wood slowly. Wear safety gear to reduce the risk of injuries, and keep patience while using a circular saw

Should I Cut Wood Wet Or Dry? 

Yes, you can cut both wet and dry wood. But it is mandatory to adjust the saw blade accurately and clamp the wood before cutting. 

However, wet wood cutting is more tricky than dry wood cutting. Sometimes the saw blade clogs with the wet wood frequently and can’t provide smooth cutting. Again, wet wood produces more dust than dry wood. Hence, wear safety gear while cutting a block of wet wood. 

Now, if you’re cutting wet wood with a circular saw,  it is a bit time-consuming. So, we suggest you dry the wet wood first. Then, you can start cutting for a better and more precise piece. 

On the other hand, some dry woods lack moisturization and creates more friction when it comes to the wood fiber’s contact. As a result, the saw can slow down and takes much time to cut. It is better to soak the dry wood for a short time before start cutting.

Things To Avoid With A Circular Saw

If you want precise cuts, it is better to avoid a few things while working with a circular saw. 

  1. First of all, avoid standing behind the saw directly to save you from the kickback of the circular saw. Hence, keep a safe distance or stand beside the saw. Next, remove the saw when the blade stops rotating, as removing the saw in spinning time can create a kickback issue. 
  2. Then, keep your finger safe from the spinning blade to avoid severe injuries. It is better to maintain a 1-inch distance with the blade for safe cutting. Also, using hand gloves or safety gear can prevent hazards and unwanted blades hitting. 
  3. Again, never go for incorrect support and avoid the wrong attachment of the cut piece can create an unintended binding. That’s why we suggest correctly supporting and clamping the cut piece using a workbench. Moreover, it is better to use a sharp blade to decrease the kickback issue. In fact, a sharp blade can cut wood easily without extra pressure. 
  4. Further, setting the saw blade too deep is a wrong attempt for wood material. If the blade is too deep, it can be exposed in cutting and prone to kickback. So, always maintain a proper circular saw blade depth. 

Final Thought

So, now take a sharp saw blade, clamp the wet wood, and go slowly through the wood to avoid clogging or splintering. As we tried to cover everything about cutting wet wood, we expect this guide will help you to cut wet wood perfectly with a circular saw

Also, that’s a guide you already got to know for cutting wet wood with a circular saw properly without occurring any accidents. 

So, why are you waiting for? Let’s enjoy the clean cut with a circular saw.

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