How to Square A Board with A Circular Saw?

Last Updated On February 10, 2023

Are you someone who loves to work on wood projects but in a professional way? It’s not that hard, trust us. All you need is to know how to square the board with an excellent tool. 

Well, a square board is basically something that’s cut at a 90-degree angle. It ensures that all 4 corners are perfectly straight and perpendicular. You can trim the board almost perfectly with a circular saw (sharp and speedy). This way, your cuts will be smooth and fast.

However, there’s more to it. We’ll walk you through the steps on how to square a board with a circular saw, including the necessary equipment you need. You won’t regret the process, we believe. 

Let’s begin!

Why Should You Use Circular Saw to Square a Board?

Circular saws are versatile power machines that you can use for multiple woodcutting, including squaring a board. The outcome will be clean and clear once you do the task properly.

Here are some of the reasons why a circular saw is a fantastic option for this job,

Precision cuts

Circular saws can make straight and precise cuts through wood and other materials. It also makes it ideal for squaring a board.

Super Speed

In this saw, the blade rotates quickly, which is a great part. It allows you to make cutting efficient and quick.

Adjustable Depth

Most circular saws have an adaptable depth setting. This lets you set the extent of the cut based on the thickness of the board.

Guides and Lasers

If you want to keep your board cuts on track, there’s nothing more perfect than a circular saw. It helps you to cut the material straight and in the end, the result will be professional.


Circular saws are portable. They can be easily used on the job site or in your workshop. This trait makes them a convenient tool to have on hand anytime.

Necessary Things You Need to Cut the Board

Below there are some important tools you need to cut the board. If you gather these things beforehand, the task will be less time-consuming. Such as,

  • A Circular Saw
  • A Wooden Board
  • A Speed Square
  • Pencil or a Chalk
  • A Ruler

How to Square a Board with a Circular Saw?

Now it’s time to know the steps. We’re sure you’ll be making amazing woodcutting following this process. They include,

Step 1: Mark and Measure the Board

The first and foremost step in squaring a board is to mark and measure the board you’re trimming. For this, you need a pencil and a ruler.

Measure the board to your applicable length. After that, make a mark at each end of the board. Use a speed square to ensure that your marks are at a 90-degree angle to the edge of the board.

Step 2: Set the Saw to the Right Depth

Now, the next step is to set your circular saw to the accurate depth. The depth should be set so that the saw blade extends just slightly above the board. This will ensure your surface is undamaged no matter how many cuts you make.

Step 3: Line Up the Saw with the Marks

Now, you need to line up the saw with the marks you did before. Make sure that the saw is perpendicular to the board. It’ll help you to get the exact cut you’re expecting.

Step 4: Cut the Board

With the saw lined up and the depth set, you can finally cut. All you need is to hold the board securely with much concentration. Then, make a steady and even cut along the marks. 

Remember not to force the circular saw through the board. It can damage your board, including the surface.

Step 5: Check the Squareness of the Board

Once the cut is complete, it’s time to check if the board is properly in square shape. 

You can use a speed square to confirm that the cut is at a 90-degree angle. Therefore, recheck if all 4 corners are linear. If necessary, make any adjustments to the cut. Use the squared board anywhere you need it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if a board is good to cut?

Well, if the board structure is clean and efficient and it has a slick body, you can cut it without any issue. But you must choose a sharp circular saw to make the cuts fast and smooth.

What should you not do with a circular saw?

While squaring a board, you must not hold its retracting lower guard when it’s open. Besides, your hands shouldn’t be under the saw’s guard for safety purposes. And yes, try not to over-tighten the saw’s blade locking nut.

Why is my circular saw burning the wood?

Maybe you’re cutting the board too slowly! The first rule to using your circular saw for trimming is to make the cuts a little faster through the wood. When your blade stays in contact with the wood, it won’t burn.


We’re sure now you know how to square a board with a circular saw. Squaring a board is simple work that can be finished with basic tools and practice. By following the above steps, we can ensure you an excellent squared board for your woodworking projects.

However, always remember to use proper safety equipment like eye and ear protection. Never force the saw through the board as well.

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