How to Use Circular Saw Rip Fence?

Last Updated On July 1, 2023

Do you know how to use a circular saw rip fence in your cutting project? We’ll share how.

Firstly, insert the rip fence inside the circular saw and set it with screws. Mark the measurement over the wood. Now, adjust the wood ply over any rough ground. Place the circular saw at the starting point. Lastly, move the circular saw according to the grains and cut the ply.

However, there’s more to this in using a circular saw rip fence. You’ll get to know more additional tips and tricks here. Let’s dive into the detailed discussion.

Benefits Of Using Rip Fence in A Circular Saw

A rip fence, familiar as the table saw, is an essential tool for rip cutting. If you want a perfect long cutting in your wooden board, use this universal circular saw rip fence without any doubt. Besides, a rip fence is enough to save time in wood-cutting projects. 

Let’s explore the benefits of using a rip fence in the circular saw.

Easy to Set And Manage

Generally, a rip fence is relatively easy to attach with the circular saw. By following some simple steps, anyone can set the fence flawlessly.

Furthermore, the tool is lightweight and study. You can easily manage the rip saw while cutting the wood ply or board.

Narrow Edge Cutting

Rip fences are best suited for cutting narrow edges. You can even size the corners through the best rip fence for circular saw.

However, it works well for straight cutting. After attaching a table saw, you can cut any narrowest edges in the wooden ply.

Equal Measure

If you want an equal measure all over the wood ply, a rip saw can definitely provide you with the best result. It works and follows only one direction while cutting the wood. 

Faster Cutting

The table saw contains a speedy and sharp blade. It can cut the wood surface in the fastest way. 

Besides, making a deep cut over the wood takes a few seconds. The tool runs after the wood grains and cuts them thoroughly. 


A rip fence is a lightweight and medium-sized tool. You can attach and remove the rip saw anytime after completing the project. 

Even the saw is completely portable and easy to handle. Moreover, you can carry this handy tool inside your bag anytime and anywhere.

Lengthy Cuts

The rip fence is the best way to get a perfect result for long and straight cuts. You can use this tool only for the straight move. 

Besides, a lengthy wood cut needs more effort than a shorter cut. A rip saw can run continuously for a long time. 

That’s why you can cut the longest wood ply and board through a table saw without hassle.

How To Use Circular Saw Rip Fence? [5 Easy Steps]

Here, we’ll describe the whole using the method of a rip fence within 5 simple steps.

Step-1: Attach The Rip Fence

Firstly, read the manual section for the circular saw rip guide attachment. There is a sole plate under the circular saw. 

You can find different slots near the sidebars. Insert the rip fence inside a slot and push the entire tool. Close the screws after adjusting the rip saw holes. After that, your circular saw rip fence will be ready to cut.

Step-2: Prepare The Wood Ply/Board

It’d be best to prepare the wood ply or board before cutting. Clean the wood surface with grind paper. 

Take the proper measurement and mark it with a dark pen or pencil. Remember, marking will make your cut more accurate and perfect.

Step-3: Setup The Wood Ply/Board

Before starting the cut, place the wood ply over a study and rough surface. A rough surface protects the ply from slipping. 

Besides, you can place some wood pieces under the wood ply to place them at a high level. Cover both corners with excess wood pieces to get a correct measure.

Step-4: Place The Circular Saw Near The Edge

Adjust the long rip fence for the circular saw according to the wood ply’s measurement. It prevents unwanted measures while cutting the surface. Besides, you must take a trial cut and mark before the move. 

Now, place the circular saw over the marked line and adjust the table saw with the corners.

Step-5: Cut The Wood Ply/Board Continuously

Now, start the cutting and move the circular saw straight. Remember to use your fingers to manage the corner woods. 

At the finishing point, adjust the wood ply again with the ground. It helps you to make an accurate cut over the last lines.

For better understanding, watch this video below and learn the process.

Troubleshooting Of 5 Common Issues While Using A Rip Fence:

There are some common issues that most rip fence user face while cutting any wood board or ply. However, these issues are easy to solve by taking a few steps. 

Here, we’ve given the most effective solutions for five common issues using a circular saw rip fence DIY.

InaccuracyAlways move the circular saw at 0-45 degrees and for the finishing line at 90 degrees.
Difficulty in starting and finishingUse excess wood to cover the measurement and adjust the ply again with the ground before cutting the finishing line.
Burning smellClean the circular and rip fence regularly avoiding burning issues.
Sudden turning offUnplug the power cord and keep the circular saw in resting for a while.
Rough cutsMake the blades regularly sharpen, especially after completing any cutting project.

Tips to Use A Circular Saw Rip Fence Effectively

If you want to use your circular saw rip fence more effectively, don’t forget to follow our tips below:

  • Use screws in the two holes of the rip fence to get more accurate cutting.
  • Never start the cutting from a curved and rough edge. Size the curve edges before starting the cut.
  • Use your fingers or wood pieces to guide the rip fence while cutting the surface.
  • Do your best practices while cutting the surface. A rip cut is all about good practice.
  • Always try to straighten your body and hands to guide the machine properly.
  • Remember to wear safety gloves and glasses, avoiding unwanted accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are circular saw rip fences universal? 

Circular saw rip fences aren’t universal. These fences are available in different widths and sizes. It would be best if you chose the saw according to your ply’s measure. Generally, medium-sized rip fences are suitable for small to medium projects. For large projects, pick a more extended size to cut the surfaces.

What tool is best suited for rip cutting? 

A rip fence is the best-suited tool for rip-cutting. It can move straightly and cut the lengthy ply thoroughly. Besides, if you want an equal and accurate cut, this tool is only for you. A rip fence manages the corners and moves the blades at 90 degrees for a similar measure.

How many teeth should a rip blade have? 

Generally, a ten-inch rip fence contains 24-30 teeth at a time. On the other hand, a twelve-inch fence has at least 40 or fewer teeth in the blade. The length and blade type of the rip fence decide the number of teeth in a rip blade.

What is the purpose of a rip cut?

Cutting lengthy and straight wood ply is the purpose of a rip cut. Applying the wood grain method, you can detach any wood ply through a rip cut. Typically, the rip saw moves according to the wood grain and gradually cuts out the joints of the grains.

The Bottom Lines

Cutting any straight wood ply becomes easy by using a rip fence. This portable tool can even provide you with the best accurate cut. 

However, now that you know how to use a circular saw rip fence, it should be an easy feat for you. But only proper handling and moving skills can make the project successful. That’s why always remember to do more practice with your saw.

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