Is It Worth Buying A Cordless Circular Saw? What Do Experts Say?

Last Updated On July 1, 2023

Ever since cordless circular saws came into the market, they took a toll on their corded counterparts. 

As cordless models are more lightweight, they are easily portable anywhere you want. But is it worth buying a cordless circular saw?

Well, cordless saws are a bit more expensive compared to corded ones. But they are worth every penny, thanks to their mobility, ease of use, and versatility. Besides, it can do pretty much the same job as a corded model with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Here’s a list of the different cordless circular models with their battery size, cutting depth, and battery runtime at a glance.

Brand & ModelBattery SizeCharging TimeCutting DepthBattery Runtime
DeWalt DCS570B20V MAX60 minutes2-9/16″Up to 45 minutes
Milwaukee M18 FUELM18 REDLITHIUM XC5.060 minutes2-1/2″Up to 50 minutes
Makita XSS02Z18V LXT Lithium-Ion30 minutes2-1/4″Up to 50 minutes
Ryobi P507 One+18V One+ Lithium-Ion60 minutes2-1/8″Up to 35 minutes
Bosch CCS180B18V Lithium-Ion60 minutes2-1/8″Up to 50 minutes
Black+Decker BDCCS20C20V MAX Lithium-Ion60 minutes1-5/8″Up to 30 minutes

Saying that, let us walk you through some of the basic queries regarding a cordless circular saw below.

Is a Cordless Circular Saw Useful?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, it comes in handier than a corded saw as you can use it without a power cord.

However, the key distinction between a cordless and a corded circ saw lies in the power supply.

As you know, a corded saw needs to be connected to a power supply through the power cord.

But you can use a cordless saw anytime anywhere. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery will work as the power source of the tool.

As you don’t need to plug them into the power socket, surely they are more convenient to use. You can access smaller workspaces where the extension cords find it hard to reach.

On top of that, the extension cords don’t tangle with the saw blade. So, it’s easier to operate the saw even if you are a beginner. 

Generally, cordless models measure from 5-⅜” to 6-½”. You can easily turn the saw on and off with the power switch. 

Besides, it also comes with a blade shield. And being lightweight, they are extremely portable as well.

So, are cordless circular saws any good? Why not if you can use its mobility and strength to the fullest?

Basically, a cordless saw is just the same as a regular corded model, with more portability and convenience.  

How Long Does a Cordless Circular Saw Last?

Based on your maintenance and amount of use, a circular saw can last from 10-20 years. And that’s applicable to a cordless circular saw as well.

Is It Worth Buying a Cordless Circular Saw?

Yes, a cordless circular saw is absolutely worth it considering its power and performance. 

Well, it’s true that a cordless saw cannot beat the corded variant in terms of power. Plus, they have limited battery life.

But you cannot carry a corded model where you don’t have access to a power socket.

That’s when a cordless model comes in handy. And considering its power requirements, it is more than enough to complete the smaller DIY projects.

Best of all, you often get recharging stations included with a cordless saw.  

Therefore, you can alternate the batteries when you find one drained up.

So, even if we found a cordless variety a little bit high-maintenance, it’s worth the extra penny considering all these conveniences.

Should I Buy a Corded or Cordless Circular Saw?

That totally depends on what you are going to do with the saw. If you are a professional woodworker, probably, a corded saw is better considering its power. But if you prefer mobility over maximum power, the cordless one is the better selection.

Now, let’s focus on their key distinctions to understand which saw you need in which situation. 

Cutting Capacity 

In terms of cutting capacity, corded variants are a bit ahead. They have a 3″ cutting depth whereas a cordless circ saw can cut around 2-⅙”.

Power Supply

As stated above, you need to struggle with the lower cord in a corded version. Plus, you always need a power socket to plug the saw in.

On the contrary, a cordless model is free of those annoying cords. You can use them anywhere anytime with the help of a rechargeable battery.


Despite having built-in batteries, cordless saws are notably lightweight compared to their corded counterparts.

Not only can you carry them easily but also can operate them single-handedly.

Contrary to what you may think, a corded circular saw is significantly heavier. So, you might develop hand fatigue while using it for a long time.

Also, it is difficult to manage even with both of your hands. And naturally, you will find it challenging to take it to your worksite if it’s far away.

Blade Diameter 

A corded saw can accommodate a larger blade than a cordless one. In most cases, you see a 6-½” blade in a cordless model. 

But the regular blade size for a corded saw is 7-¼”.

Performance and Consistency 

Arguably, the corded saws are the real winner in this case. Because the cordless model lacks consistency in power supply.

When the battery is insufficient, it affects the cutting performance as well. If a cordless saw’s battery isn’t fully charged, it will lower the torque and speed of the saw.

Please see the list of charging times for different circular saws mentioned at the beginning of this article.

On the other hand, you can get the same torque and speed from a corded saw as long as it’s connected to the power socket.

So, it delivers more efficient cutting performance. 


Generally, the corded version comes cheaper than the cordless ones. You can get a corded saw from $50-$100.

But a cordless model will cost around $100-$150. Moreover, they are designed a bit differently. So, you need to spend some extra bucks for the batteries and the charging kits if you want them for longer usage.

So, yes, the cordless circ saws are a bit costlier, but still, they are absolutely worth it.

FeatureCorded Circular SawCordless Circular Saw
Power SourceElectric CordBattery
Power OutputHigher (typically 15A)Lower (typically 18-20V)
Blade Size7-¼”.6-½”
Cutting Capacity3″ cutting depth2-⅙”
MobilityLimited by cordMore portable
RuntimeUnlimitedLimited by battery life
Charging TimeN/ATypically 1-2 hours

We have a detailed article about the cost of various circular saws. Don’t forget to check that out!

Can a Cordless Circular Saw Cut Metal?

Yes, the cordless circular saw can even cut metal if it’s equipped with the right saw blade. Besides, the handheld saw must have modern battery pack technology that delivers optimum power.

However, please make sure that the saw uses blades and discs that are specified for cutting metals.

Final Words 

Finally, we leave it to you to decide, is it worth buying a cordless circular saw?

If you can afford to spend some extra bucks, why not? A cordless model is way ahead of a corded variety in terms of mobility and ease of use. Furthermore, it’s no less than a corded saw for handling decent DIY projects. 

On top of that, they offer quite an impressive cutting performance in combination with durability and versatility. 

The only case they fall short is if you are into heavy-duty projects. Other than that, a cordless circular saw is a wise investment, indeed!

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