How To Make A Circular Saw Bench? A Simple DIY Guide

Last Updated On May 1, 2023

A saw bench helps to improve the accuracy of cuts and provides a good working height. Setting up a circular saw can be pretty tricky, but proper tools and simple design help to make things much easier.

So, how to make a circular saw bench? All you need is a circular saw bench base, an adhesive, and a perfect circular saw. The rest you can make with simple carpentry skills.

However, there are many ways to make a circular saw bench. We’ll show you the simplest and most functional design. Let’s start.

Materials Required for Making A Circular Saw Bench

To make circular saw benches, you should know what materials are required. 

  • Lumber/wood
  • Screws – minimum 12
  • Circular saw
  • Wood glue (Optional)
  • Sandpaper
  • Carpentry tools
  • Clamps
  • Drill machine
  • Carpenters pencil

Parts of A Circular Saw Bench

The circular saw bench helps to fit and assemble wood pieces during construction projects. Parts of a circular saw bench are: 

  • Base: The part of the bench moves when we work with the circular saw.
  • Throat plate: It’s a metal plate that comes under the base. It fixes the blade at a specific angle.
  • Blade: This is the rotating part of the circular saw. It has teeth that help to cut the wood.
  • Guard system: It’s the system that protects the circular saw from damage and injury.
  • Fence: It’s the part that guides the circular saw. It helps to make straight cuts.
  • Stationary base: The part of the circular saw bench can be fixed to the work surface.

How To Make A Circular Saw Bench Easily

The best way to make a circular saw bench is to start with the main structure. It’s important to build the base, so the form doesn’t tip over when it gets heavy. 

Anyway, we’ve compiled below some nice tips that will help you create a good solid circular saw bench.

Step 1: Cut the Lumber

The first step is to cut the wood plank for the base support of your circular saw bench. Ideally, you’ll want to use softwood, as it’s more durable and will be less prone to damage from the saw. 

Step 2: Mark The Plank With a Marker

Place the plank on a flat surface (floor or table), and mark the perimeter with the help of a marker. This way, it’ll be easier to identify the plank from both sides.

Step 3: Drilling the Holes

After marking, put a drill on the perimeter of your plank. Drill a hole about half-inch in diameter. The drill size should be slightly bigger than the screws you’ll use later to fix the bench base.

Step 4: Screwing the Wood Together

After drilling a hole on both sides of the plank, you must screw the two parts together. Start with a pilot hole and then fit the screw in the hole. Tighten it, but not too hard. You don’t want the wood to break or crack.

Step 5: Making A Slot For Saw

Now it’s time to make a slot for the saw. To do this, mark the slot on the wood surface and cut it out. Depending on your needs, you can use a rotary tool or drill to make this slot.

If you want to focus more on safety rather than time efficiency, take time and use a hand saw.

Step 6: Mounting the Circular Saw

After you make the slot for the saw, it’s time to mount your circular saw. Use the screws to fix it in place. Be sure everything is tight, and you don’t have to worry about your saw falling out of the bench.

Step 7: Making a Guard For The Saw

To protect your saw from damage, you should make a guard for it. The simplest way to do this is by using two pieces of wood. The pieces’ length should equal the dimensions of your saw.

Step 8: Staining and Finish Carving

After you make the guard, you can finish your project by applying a finish to it. You can use hardwood oil or paint. The best way to do this is to take a sandpaper grit and lightly smooth the surface.

Safety Tips While Making A Circular Saw Bench

While many backyard woodworkers will make a circular saw bench to put their tools on, the person operating the circular saw must know how to set up and use it properly. The risk of injury can be reduced by following these guidelines.

  • Use personal protective equipment (PPE) whenever working with circular saws, blades, or other dangerous tools.
  • Always unload the circular saw before plugging it into an electrical outlet
  • Put your hands and feet away from the blade to avoid injury
  • Make sure that you secure power cords out of the way to avoid tripping over them
  • Avoid working alone when making a circular saw bench
  • Before starting, check that the saw and blade are sharp
  • Always secure the circular saw in a safe place
  • Never use a circular saw without cutting-edge protection

Note: This video below shows you some safety tips regarding circular saw before beginning your DIY project. Take a look and stay safe. 


1. What is the minimum size blade that can be used on a circular saw bench?

It depends on the size of the workpiece. The blade can be as big as a 10-inch blade; it’s recommended to use 5-inch blades. You can also use a smaller blade, but it might not have enough workspace.

2. Can circular saw blades be used in table saws?

Yes, they can. It’s important not to use them in industrial table saws, though. The blade should be used in the circular saw bench only.

3. Can you put 2 blades on a circular saw?

You can, but it’s not recommended. You’ve to be very careful when using 2 blades because the space between them is small, and the blades might hit each other. If you put 2 blades on a circular saw, ensure you don’t push them too much into a workpiece. They should be installed parallel to each other.

4. Are more teeth on a circular saw blade better?

Yes, more teeth per inch are always better. The more teeth there are the smoother the cut. You’ve to make sure you are using a sharp blade, though. A dull blade won’t allow you to cut smoother, even if it has many teeth.

Final Thoughts

Making a homemade table for a circular saw is an easy project that can add value to your workshop. By assembling a saw bench, you can better utilize space and make it easier to work with large saws and other tools.

Since you know how to make a circular saw bench everyone can master, you’ll find that this project is simple and doesn’t take long. Let us know your thoughts on this article in the comment section below.

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