How To Make A Circular Saw Quiet: 8 Ways To Quiet A Saw

Last Updated On May 1, 2023

The Circular saws are fast and powerful, making them the best alternative to a chainsaw. With these saws in hand, you can create almost anything you want. Unfortunately, they tend to make a lot of noise when used. 

So, how to make a circular saw quiet? Rubber pads, oiling the disc, and removing debris are some of the most effective ways to lower the noise. 

However, we’ll show you all the tips for quite a circular saw. So, let’s get started.

Why Does Circular Saw Produce Sound?

Circular saws use a brush motor principle, commonly used in household and industrial appliances. When the motor starts, the bristles rub on the surface of the shaft to produce a sound. 

This is because two surfaces are rubbing against each other. The friction of rubbing these surfaces creates heat and noise. Here are some other reasons – 

  • Vibrations also occur when you cut through metal and wood.
  • The faster the blade is spinning, the more pronounced the noise will be.
  • A saw that’s not well-oiled will vibrate more easily and produce more sound.
  • When the metal band isn’t parallel to the surface of the wood, which causes an uneven cut. This rough cut makes a circular saw vibrate more often and produce more noise.

Circular Saw Noise Level You Didn’t Know About

The noise of a circular saw is determined by two factors: the speed of rotation and the type of sound-absorbing insulation on the blade. 

Generally speaking, the faster a circular saw turns, the louder it becomes. Likewise, thicker blades create less noise than thinner blades due to their increased surface area.

A circular saw’s typical noise level is about 110-130 decibels (dB). Sounds over 85 decibels harm your hearing after just five minutes of exposure. Sound between 70 and 85 dB can cause temporary hearing loss for 16 hours or more.

How To Make A Circular Saw Quiet When Cutting

To make your circular saw quiet, you will want to start with a few simple tips. Try these and see if it helps.

  1. Oil The Disc Break 

Clean and oil the disc brake system at least once a week; this will keep it operating optimally, reducing noise. 

  1. Use Rubber Pads

When the blade is cutting wood, it creates vibration. If you put a rubber pad on the blade, you can reduce the vibration and noise. Try a few different types of pads to see which one you like best. 

  1. Insulate the Base

If the saw base is made of metal, insulate it with high-density foam; this will prevent the vibration from being transmitted from the blade. 

You can skip this step if you’re already using a rubber pad. If you don’t have rubber pads, this will also help make the saw quieter. 

  1. Use Sound Reduction Shoulders

We all know that vibration is the cause of sound. As a result, we must focus on lowering vibration, which may be accomplished by using a vibration dampener. This reduction shoulder reduces both noise and vibration-related noise. 

  1. Replace The Old Blade

Prolong use of the same blade make them dull and, therefore, very noisy. When this happens, you’ll have to replace the blade. The blade should be replaced every 3 months at least. It won’t make the saw completely quiet, but will still work better than before.

  1. Sharpen The Saw Blade

The circular saw blade has to be sharpened; if it’s not sharp, the saw will make a lot of noise while cutting. 

You’ll want to keep the blade clean and sharpened at all times. A sharp will make your work more efficient and effective; it’ll also reduce noise.

  1. Use A Stabilizer 

It’ll stabilize the saw and lower the vibration. A stabilizer can also reduce your noise by about 2 decibels. The only downside of using it’s that the saw will be heavier.

  1. Large Blade

Use circular saws with larger diameter blades to maintain their speed while cutting through wood better than smaller blades. 

The larger diameter blade also produces less noise than smaller blades because more mass is spinning at high speed with less vibration.

Best Quietest Circular Saw Blades You Can Get

If a circular saw blade is too noisy for you, it might be time to upgrade. Ultimately, you want to get a silent circular saw, so you can work without being distracted by a loud buzzing sound.

The following list contains some quietest blades:

  • Makita Saw Blades
  • Dewalt Flexvolt Circular Saw
  • Skilsaw SPT77WML Saw
  • Milwaukee Circular Saw
  • DeWalt Circular Saw

Circular Saw Cutting Tips from Vetted Experts

If you’re starting to get into woodworking, there are many things you’ll want to learn. This will help them complete rookie projects safely and efficiently.

1. Check The Blade

Ensure the blades are sharpened before using them on any project. If they aren’t sharp enough, the blade can tear up your work instead of cutting it cleanly. 

2. Position

You’ll need to find the best position for your hand when cutting. Hold the saw with both hands, and make sure your thumbs reach all around. This will keep you from accidentally cutting yourself.

3. Hold It Right

Make sure you hold the saw with a firm grip. If it shakes while cutting, you’ll have uneven and jagged pieces of wood. This will not work well for any project.

4. Safety

It’s very important to wear safety glasses while cutting wood. You can easily hurt your eye or eyebrow if you’re not wearing them.

5. Use The Right Blade

There are many different blades out there for the circular saw. They come in various sizes and lengths. You’ll want to ensure you always use the right blade for your project. 4-1/2 inches diameter blades are the standard size for woodworking. 

6. Cutting Speed

Speed is very important to get it cut out fast and quickly. 3000-3600 rpm is the recommended speed for cutting wood with a circular saw.

Note: This video also shows you some essential cutting tips and techniques. You’ll love them for sure.


1. Why is my circular saw so loud?

Circular saws run at high speed. This is the main reason why they can be so loud. The higher the amount of RPM, the louder it will be. Manufacturers recommend cutting no faster than 3600 RPM to avoid being too loud.

2. Are brushless saws quieter?

Brushless circular saws are much quieter than standard saws. The lack of friction in the motor helps make them a lot quieter. Normally, a brushless saw will have between 2500 RPM.

How many decibels is a table saw?

The table saw has a much lower amount of decibels. A circular saw can produce as high as 130 dB. Other hand power tools can make around 100 dB.

How do I stop my saw blade from whistling?

Circular saw blades can produce a lot of vibrations, which causes them to whistle when cutting. Widen its opening and oil it regularly. It’ll stop it from whistling


Circular saws are the most common power tools widely used in carpentry, construction, and even home workshops. They can be noisy or quiet without compromising performance. 

The best way to reduce noise is to properly maintain the saw, replace the blade when needed, and use the right blade.

We hope these ways how to make a circular saw quiet will help reduce the noise from your circular saw. It’s also an important safety feature that may prevent you from accidents. Share your thoughts and comments below. Good luck.

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