Can You Put A Dado Blade On A Circular Saw? Make Dados Quickly!

Last Updated On April 30, 2023

Tired of using a chisel and hammer for making dados? Or, Want to make clean dados by using dado blades and wondering if can you put a dado blade on a circular saw?

No, dado blades cannot be used on a typical circular saw because they require a larger arbor size and more power than most circular saws have. Using a dado blade on a circular saw can damage the saw and is unsafe. Use a table saw or radial arm saw instead.

Still confused, can you put a dado blade on a circular saw or not? Go through our detailed guide for quick clarification and install a dado blade in a circular saw by using our step-by-step guide.

Can You Put A Dado Blade On A Circular Saw?

Sometimes, Yes, you can use a dado blade on a circular saw but must have knowledge about blade diameter, tooth size, and arbor size. Otherwise, two blades may get stuck in the wood while cutting or cause damage to the tool and lead to serious injuries.

In fact, if you use the right dado blade on your circular saws, then you can make some clean and splinter-free dados even with the underpowered saws. But, things are quite different in miter saws and table saws. In a table saw it is quite easy to use dado blades due to the wide space.

On top of that, some dado blades cause chipping or sticking that damage the circular saw. But, if the dado blade includes two-wing design chippers and spacers, it can remove the waste material of the workpiece while cutting. As a result, these dado blades can make smooth edges within a few seconds.

How To Install Dado Blade On a Circular Saw? 

To install a dado blade, you have to follow some simple steps, including unplugging the saw, removing the arbor nut, retracting the saw’s upper, and installing the dado blade. Then, tighten the arbor nut, and connect the saw with a power saw to make some clean cuts. Let’s have a look at these steps in detail.

Unplug The Saw

Circular saws come with different power sources like corded or cordless electricity. Now, unplug the saw if it’s corded electric or remove the battery if the saw is battery-powered. 

While installing a  dado blade, an accidental turn-on can cause serious injuries. Hence, it is a must to unplug the saw to avoid such unwanted accidents. So, cut the power or remove the battery before installing a Dado set.

Remove The Arbor Nut

Before removing the arbor nut, press down the saw’s arbor-lock button. When you unlock the button, it’s time to rotate the blade. To unlock it perfectly, rotate the blade as long as the mechanism engages.

Then, take a blade wrench to remove the arbor nut. As the arbor nut keeps the blade in place, use a suitable wrench to loosen the nut. Always use the wrench in a clockwise fashion to remove it quickly.

Retract The Saw’s Upper

Once you remove the arbor nut, it is time to retract the saw’s upper blade guard. If the blade guard is in place, the blade gets stuck while removing the blade. 

Pull the blade guard upward and backward at the same time to remove it within a few seconds. As soon as you retract the saw’s upper blade guard, it’s time to install the dado blade.

Install The Dado Blade

If you want to install a Dado blade, we suggest picking the right blade according to the thickness guide. In fact, every blade comes with a thickness guide that is compatible with different circular saws.  Besides, select some high-quality chippers and spacers which can remove the waste material of the workpiece to cut dadoes perfectly.

Let’s have a look at the installation process. To install the wobble dado blade, put the single blade first. Then, set the chipper and align it properly to avoid collision. Otherwise, the blade teeth will damage the wings of the chipper and spacers. Once you insert the chipper, put the second blade. 

Insert The Arbor Nut

After putting the second blade, insert the washer and nut. Then, take a blade wrench to tighten the arbor nut. Always use the wrench anti-clockwise fashion to tighten it quickly.

As soon as you tungsten the arbor nut, pull the saw’s arbor-lock button. When you unlock the button, it’s time to rotate the blade. To unlock the nut perfectly, rotate the blade and engage the mechanism.

Place The Upper & Plug The Saw

Once the dado blade is perfectly set, it is time to put the saw’s upper guard back. To install the blade, push the blade downward with a little pressure. The upper guard can prevent accidental injuries by covering the blades.

Finally, connect the circular saw to the power sources it uses. If it’s corded electric, then connect the plug to the electric power source. On the contrary, if the saw is battery-powered, insert the battery and make some clean dado cuts on different materials.

How To Make Dado Cuts With Circular Saw

To make dado cuts without using a circular saw blade, follow steps including placing a sacrificial board, marking the cutting line, taking out the circular saw, and using a chisel & hammer. Let’s dig into these steps in detail.

1. Place a Sacrificial Board

While woodworking with a circular saw, the blade can damage the work table. Hence, it is a must to place a sacrificial board to prevent any type of accidental cuts or damage to the work table.

But, as the circular saws come with heavy and sharp blades, always use a sacrificial board made of plywood or wood. Otherwise, it can cut the saw table after making a groove cut on the desired material.

2. Mark The Cutting Line

To keep the saw in the perfect line while cutting, mark the cutting line on the material with a pencil. But, the visibility of the pencil’s mark on the wood is not clear. As a result, you may get out of the cutting line and damage the workpiece.

Now, to get rid of such issues, use tape on the working material first. Then, mark the tape with a pencil to improve the visibility of the mark.

3. Take Out The Circular Saw

After marking the cutting line, take out the circular saw and adjust the cutting depth. If you’re cutting the materials at the wrong depth, the blade may bind or kick back and cause serious injuries

It is obvious to go outside of the cutting boundaries due to the vibration of the saw. But, using a grip clamp on both sides of the cutting line helps you to keep the blade inside the cutting boundaries.

Once you’re done with the clamping, it is time to align the tool in the cutting line. Make some straight cuts to cover the whole width. After that, go through the materials multiple times to make things easy. In fact, multiple passes through the workpiece help to chisel out the excess wood quickly.

4. Use Chisels & Hammer

When you’re making passes, some slices of wood may come out automatically due to the zigzag blade cuts. But, most slices remain attached to the wood. To remove these excess wood slices, place the chisel in between the marking line. Finally, use the hammer to take out the extra wood to make a clean dado cut.

Finishing Up

 Here, we clearly state that you can use a dado blade on a circular saw by following the thickness guide. Besides, use our guide to install a dado blade on a circular saw within a few seconds. 

On top of that, we have added a detailed guide on making clean dados by using a circular saw. So, use our guide right now to install dado blades on a circular saw and make some clean and splinter-free dados quickly!

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