Can You Put A Diamond Blade On A Circular Saw?

Last Updated On April 30, 2023

The circular saw is a well-liked instrument for cutting timbers and metals or getting straight edges. And It’s portability and lightweight nature add to its convenience. Dry or wet-cutting diamond blades, on the other hand, are the best when it comes to cutting speed, durability, and accuracy for a clean cut. Have you ever thought of combining them?

Can you put a diamond blade in a circular saw? Yes, you can use a diamond blade in a circular saw while cutting concrete, porcelain, or paver stone with it. However, you need to consider the dimension and size of the blades.

Now, before you start merging them, there are a few things you should know about, like, what you can use a circular saw-diamond blade combination for, what are the safety measures while using them, etc. let’s talk about them!

Can You Put A Diamond Blade On A Circular Saw?

Yes, you can put a diamond blade on a circular saw. 

However, circular saws are comparatively smaller in size than other cutting machines like miter saws. So, it is recommended not to cut excess thick layers of concrete or stone with it. If you are working on porcelain tile, or a thin slab of concrete or granite, then you can use this combination to clean cut.

While working on porcelain use a diamond masonry blade specifically designed for it. And if you are going to cut concrete with it, then for deeper cuts, you can use both wet or dry cutting diamond blades, and for shallow cuts with a clean edge, use the abrasive corundum masonry blade.

How To Install A Diamond Blade On Circular Saw?

To install a diamond blade on the circular saw, unlock the arbor lock, put the proper blade, tighten the nut and then lock the arbor lock.  

Before installing the dry or wet cutting blade, make sure your circular saw is unplugged and off. Now, start with unlocking the saw’s arbor lock by pressing and then position the blade. Make sure to point the teeth of the blade in the direction you’ll be cutting. Now, tighten the arbor nut, and use a blade wrench for it. Finally, close the arbor lock after installing the blade.

One thing you need to keep in mind is to point the teeth to the right if the wet blade is turning to the right and to the left if rotating in a leftward direction.

How To Cut Concrete With A Circular Saw And Diamond Blade?

To cut the concrete, mark it, place a guide board for steady cut, set the depth for the dry or wet blade, turn on the power tool, and start cutting through it at a steady speed with the chalk line. One thing you need to be careful about is that the project should not include concrete more than 7 inches thick.

The first thing to do is, set the metal blade depth using a depth lever while the machine is still unplugged. Once you plug in the saw, set it to the lowest speed option and prepare to start heavy-duty cutting. Hold the saw steady and start to cut through the new concrete with a love-hate relationship. Avoid moving the standard circular too quickly to avoid damaging it. 

Take 30-40 second intervals at times to cool the right blade down and clear the work area’s dust once you are finished, with a claw hammer and a mason chisel; clean the edge of your cut once it is finished.

Can You Cut Porcelain With A Circular Saw And Diamond Blade?

Yes, you can cut a porcelain tile and also laminate flooring with a circular saw and diamond blade. In fact, the best blade to cut porcelain is a diamond blade since it gives precise cutting being tougher than porcelain itself.

It is advised to use a wet cutting method in this case. You won’t have to worry about the high temperatures produced by the friction of the blade against the cut material with this procedure because here, the blade is cooled with water.

The tile is also less prone to cracks here. And if you opt for dry cutting, choose the most durable blades, and ensure periodic cooling of them during operation to avoid damaging the equipment.

To ensure that your cut is exactly how it should be, it is better to cut steadily and gradually. You don’t want to lose control of the saw and make a terrible cut.

What Are The Advantages Of Diamond Saw Blades?

Some benefits of using a diamond blade cutter include efficiency, durability, precise cutting, and a longer lifespan of the blades. 

Nothing compares to these blades when cutting materials like concrete; they deliver high-quality performance with a precise finish. Moreover, while using diamond blades, comparatively less heat is generated and the surface has a good resistance against abrasions. Also, they perform smooth cuts and make lesser noise during the operation.

How Long Will A Diamond Blade Last?

This depends on the material you are using the diamond blade on. Diamond blades can last between 12 to 120 hours depending on the quality of the blades.

You can know by looking at your blade when it’s time to replace it. When the blade looks smoother and glazed over, it means the diamond has worn away. Also, when the blades cut at a slower rate, it’s time to purchase a new one.

What Are Some Tips While Using Diamond Blade And Circular Saw?

You need to be really careful while using blades and saws as it concerns your health and safety. Some safety measures for diamond blade-circular saw usage is given above:

  • Always follow the manual while handling the products. Cut only the metals that are specifically directed by the manufacturers.
  • Diamond blades create dust when used on any surface, including concrete, stone, clay, or tile. Some of these materials contain silica, which is hazardous to your health. So, Wearing protective respiratory gear, a face shield helmet, safety goggles, proper clothes, and boots is crucial.
  • Machining materials like brick or concrete require a lot of friction and force. So, you should take a break at times for the saw to cool down if you are dry cutting.
  • Before using your blade and saw, check it to make sure there are no cracks, structural issues, or excessive damage.
  • The blade’s speed should never go above maximum RPM when you are using it.
  •  Make sure that the blade is placed into the machine in the appropriate position.

Final Thoughts

Here we are at the end of today’s discussion on whether you can put a diamond blade on a circular saw. Hope you have got your answer.

Before ending, there are some additional tips for you. Firstly, Always check all the equipment you are using before the operation, starting with your protective gear, to the machine, everything. 

Also, never wear loose clothing or materials that are combustible while using the saw. Moreover, never force the blades too hard to get your work done faster since every material has its limit. Allow the saw and blade to cut with their weight. You can get hurt by this. 

Finally, if you are unsure of getting the work job done all by yourself, it’s always best to hand it to professionals.

Good luck with your project!

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