How To Remove Rust From a Circular Saw Blade In Easy Ways

Last Updated On April 3, 2023

Looking for some easy and effective ways to remove rust from saw blades?

Your search is done! In this article, we are discussing 3 easy ways including the use of Vinegar, Baking Soda, and WD-40 which can remove rust quickly from circular saw blades.

If you’re working with rusty circular saw blades, it can damage your workpieces. Even if you use the best battery circular saw, the rusty blade may create a mess. 

As a result, you have to maintain the blades regularly to get precise cuts for years. On this point, you have to remove rust from a circular saw blade to increase its durability.

Want more clarification on how to remove rust from circular saw blades? Go through our detailed guide to pick an easy way that may help to remove rust quickly.

3 Easy Ways To Remove Rust From Circular Saw Blades

Removing Rust From Circular Saw Blades

When it comes to removing rust from circular saw blades, you may use lots of ways. But, some ways including the use of Vinegar, Baking Soda, and WD-40 are quick and more effective than others. Let’s dig into the details

  • Remove Rust With Vinegar

    remove rust from a circular saw blade with vinegar

    Vinegar or acetic acid is a strong cleaning agent. It may take time but this way is 100% effective in removing saw blade rust from the circular saw. In this rust removal process, you need some materials like a tray, metal brush, and white vinegar.

    First of all, take a small amount of white vinegar according to the size of the blade. Now, as it is impossible to clean the blade with the saw, unplug the saw and remove the blade.

    Next, soak the saw blades in the white vinegar solution for a couple of hours. For big and heavy saw blades, you can pour the vinegar on the surface rust. We suggest you soak it for the whole night for better results.

    Once the saw blade is dipped for hours, take it from the vinegar. After taking the blade, the rust ends up like liquid sediments. To remove the rusty mess, scrape the saw blade with a metal brush or steel wool. 

    As a metal brush can easily clean the rusty surface, use the brush for a few minutes. As soon as you remove this rust, use a paper towel to wipe this rusty mess.

    Finally, you can use a wool brush for cleaning circular saw blades. If the circular saw blade remains rusty, repeat the whole process one or more times to get better results.

  • Remove Rust With Baking Soda

    remove rust with baking soda from a circular saw blade

    Using baking soda needs a little bit of effort compared to cleaning with white vinegar. But, it will take only a few hours to remove rust. For the cleaning process, you need materials like a bowl, tray, soda paste, toothbrush, cloth, and metal brush.

    Now, as you need a paste to clean the rusty saw blade, take the baking powder and baking soda in a 1: 1 ratio. Take the amount according to the size of the blade. Next, add a small amount of water to make a thick paste of soda.

    Then, take a toothbrush and apply the paste to the rusty areas of the saw blade. If the blade is thick and small, you can pour the paste on the whole blade and spread it. This paste will take around one hour to remove the rust from the saw blade.
    After one hour, scrape the saw blade with a metal brush or steel wool. Use the metal brush until you get the metal of the sharp blade. Once you find the metal, rinse the blade with clean water.

    Finally, use a dry cloth to wipe out the excessive paste. As you’re using a paste, some of it may stick with metal. You can also use a little bit of oil to lubricate the blade. As a result, the blade will be safe from future contamination

  • Remove Rust With WD-40

    remove rust from a saw blade with WD-40

    WD-40 is a non-toxic and biodegradable rust protection formula that is ideal for removing light rust from the saw blade, razor blade, or knife. Using this chemical solution is simple as it comes in a spray bottle.

    But, it may take a couple of hours to remove the rust. Before going into the process, pick materials like a bottle of WD-40, a metal brush, and a cleaning cloth.

    Let’s spray the WD-40 in the rusty areas first. Next, use a metal brush or fine steel wool to remove the rusty mess from the blade surface and arbor hole. Repeat the process a few times with a break of 15-20 minutes. It is better to repeat than go for a long spray. Once you remove the rust, clean it with a clean cloth.

    If the rust is stubborn even after multiple sprays, you can take liquid WD-40 in a bucket or tray and drip the blades on it. Take out the blade after 1-2 hours and clean it with a cloth.

    With such cleaning, stubborn rust will be removed easily. As WD-40 is a rust protection formula that works to prevent rust, it can keep your blade safe from further risk of corrosion.

Is It Really Possible To Remove Surface Rust From An Old Saw

Yes, it is really possible to remove rust even from an old saw. But, it depends on which type of saw you’re dealing with. If you want to remove rust from a hand saw, you can remove the rust using vinegar or WD-40. Just remove the screws of the wooden handles and drip in any of these solutions.

Then, scrape the saw blade with a metal brush or steel wool. After using the blade scraper, clean all the rust with a soft cloth.

But, when it comes to circular or table saws, it is a little bit hard to remove the rust. Besides, the motor or switches may get rusted which is impossible to remove. If you’re scraping a saw plate, you can remove the heavy rust. 

But for further corrosion removal, you have to open these saws. So, wear protective gloves and use a fair amount of mineral spirits, and must be extremely careful while working.

Here’s a quick video!

Final Thoughts

Finally, we are at the end of our detailed guide. As we tried to cover different ways of removing rust from circular saw blades, we hope the article will help you a lot to remove rust quickly.

Rusty circular saw blades can damage your workpieces and reduce work efficiency. To get precise cuts for a longer time, you have to maintain blades regularly. 

That’s why you have to remove rust from a circular saw blade to increase durability. So, remove rust from the blade today to enjoy precise cuts for years!

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