Small Cordless Saw For Cutting Wood: Precise cuts in Tight Spaces!

Last Updated On April 3, 2023

Looking for both straight-cut and portability in one package?

A small cordless saw is the ultimate solution as it offers excellent portability and provides precise and straight cuts while woodworking. 

Most people use large cordless saws for cutting wood. But, when it comes to cutting wood in tight spaces, large saws can’t get enough space to ensure precise cuts.

mini cordless saw for cutting wood

Also, they are not portable enough due to their heavy weight. On this point, you need a small cordless saw which offers excellent portability and you can get precise cuts while cutting wood in a tight space.

Want more clarification about the small cordless saw for cutting wood? Go through our detailed guide for more details and cut wood in seconds!

How Did We Choose The Cordless Saw

Before choosing the best cordless mini circular saw, you should look for multiple factors like its Built quality, Motor speed, Depth of cutting, and Batteries. Let’s have a look into these factors in detail.

Build Quality

small wood cutting circular saw build quality

Among these factors, build quality is the most important to look for. If the small cordless saw doesn’t include quality materials, you won’t be able to use it for cutting wood.

On top of that, the built quality ensures precise cuts with years of durability. So, choose a cordless saw that is made of high-quality stainless steel. If the saw body is made of aluminum, it will be lightweight and easy to handle.

Motor Speed

motor of a circular saw

Cordless models may not have high rpm like corded saws but pick mini saws with at least 2500 rpm. Besides, if the saw offers speed variability, you can use them on multiple tasks. 

Now, the brushless motor offers higher torque than the traditional one. In fact, a brushless motor makes these cordless power saws lightweight and increases durability.

Depth Of Cutting

circular saw depth adjustment

Cutting depth varies from saw to saw and offers versatile uses. Look at the length of the chainsaw or circular blade size to know the actual cutting depth of the saw. 

Though a small circular saw is not ideal for high-depth cuts, you need a minimum depth of cut to use it according to your need. 


battery operated cicular saw

A small cordless saw won’t drain the battery as fast as the big ones. If you want to use the saw for hours, it is better to pick a powerful lithium-ion battery. 

But, some saws are not compatible with all types of batteries. That is why choose the compatible one to get hours of non-stop accurate cuts. 

What Is a Small Hand Held Saw Called?

A small handheld saw is known as a HackSaw. It comes with a thin blade and a metal or wooden handle. As the thin blade is ideal to go through thin materials, you can cut plastic or metal pipes in seconds. 

When it comes to blade length, the heck saw blade is around 12 inches long. Besides, these saw blades include 20 to 32 teeth per inch. As a result, these fine-toothed blades can easily cut metals. 

On top of that, there are some variants of hacksaws including the junior and electric hacksaws. Junior ones are small in design but aren’t as effective in cutting as others. On the other hand, electric hacksaws are used in the traditional metalworking industries. 

Can a Small Cordless Circular Saw Really Cut Wood?

Yes, a small cordless circular saw can cut wood. As this type of saw includes a powerful brushless motor, it is not only used to cut wood, but also ideal for sheet metal, tile, drywall, and plastic. So, small circular saws are perfect for working on DIY home projects without any hassles.

Now, the cordless design of mini circular saws offers excellent portability. So, whether it’s about tight space or low reach area, these compact circular saws can ensure precise cuts. Besides, the dust blower of these saws can offer hours of dust-free woodcutting.

The only issue is, cordless circular saws come with less cutting depth. As these saws normally have 4-1/2 inch blades, you can go through at 2-inch lumbers. But, if you are looking for maximum cutting depth, it is better to pick larger saws.

Can a Mini Circular Saw Cut 2×4?

Yes, a mini circular saw can cut 2×4. As the mini circular saw is light in design, and easy to maneuver and transport, you can cut 2×4 in a single pass. Besides, the compact circular saw includes a high-quality thin kerf blade. Now, as these blades are thin and sharp, they can easily cut 2×4.

The traditional circular saw includes a wide blade with 15 to 30 teeth. Due to the design of the blade, they offer a wide cut on materials. As a result, these blades can damage the materials and are not suitable for a precise cutting line.

But, the mini circular saw includes a thinner and lighter blade than the traditional ones. As these thin kerf blades offer sharp cuts at the workpieces, they are ideal to cut 2×4. Also, the thin blades of the best mini circular saws won’t cause issues like splintering.

What Is The Best Small Cordless Saw for Cutting Wood?

Worx WX429L 4 Amp 4.5″ Electric Compact Circular Saw is the best small cordless saw. As this cordless saw weighs only 3.97 lbs, it is ideal for one-handed operation. Besides, the 0-45° bevel cuts offer an adjustable cutting angle with an accurate cut.

Moreover, the left-sided blade of the saw ensures a clear line of sight. As a result, you can see the cut clearly while working.  Also, the saw includes a 24T carbide-tipped blade with a blade guard that offers a sharp & efficient cut and won’t cause issues like splintering. 

On top of that, the light design makes the saw easy to maneuver and transport. So, this small saw helps to get a 2×4 cut in a single pass. If you’re looking for a cordless mini circular saw with a battery and charger, this one is the best option you can go with right now!

Further, the excellent cutting depth of the saw can easily slice up 2-inch stock lumber. With such cutting depth, it is not only ideal to cut lumber but also offers excellent cuts on tile, plastic, and even metal. 


Can you cut wood with a mini circular saw?

Yes, a mini circular saw can be used to cut wood, but it is important to select the right blade and adjust the depth of the saw blade properly for the thickness of the wood being cut.

What is a small handheld saw called?

A small handheld saw is called a hand saw. It is a manual saw that is operated by hand and typically has a thin, straight blade with teeth on one edge for cutting wood, plastic, or other materials.

Last Words

Finally, we are at the end of our detailed staircase. As we covered some related queries about small cordless saws for cutting wood, we hope the article will help you a lot to pick a mini cordless saw.

The compact and portable design of a mini circular saw makes it so versatile and useful for cutting wood in small spaces. Besides, the lightweight design makes the saw ideal to work for hours with less fatigue. So, pick a small cordless saw and slice up wood in seconds!

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