What Is A Circular Saw Good For? How To Make The Best Use Of This Power Tool?

Last Updated On May 12, 2023

Whether it’s about construction or demolition, power tools always come in handy to save both time and effort. And in the world of power tools, a circular saw is a must-have apparatus for its versatility and portability. 

But what is a circular saw good for? Why must you own this weapon to combat the DIY difficulties? 

A circular saw is basically a mechanical saw accompanied by a round blade and sharp metal teeth. Thanks to its extraordinary sawing capacity, you can cut wood, metal, board, plastic, plywood, tiles, brick, concrete, lumber, sheets, and whatnot!

Already sold on the circular saw? Let’s explore the best ways to use this dynamic device up to the hilt.

What Is a Circular Saw?

As already mentioned, a circular saw is a toothed power saw to cut different materials. Being commonly powered by electricity, it also runs by gasoline or hydraulic motor. The circular blade of this powered tool spins at high speed offering straight cuts on a diverse range of materials.

Among all power saws, circular saws are particularly known for their unparalleled sawing capabilities. 

Moreover, these power saws are easily portable. And they can cut a variety of materials with ultimate precision. 

Whether it’s a small DIY task or a professional carpentry project, a circular saw is the most wanted cutting tool, for good reasons though.

From cutting wood to concrete, lumber to sheet boards, plastic to plywood, and metal to masonry, a circular saw fits a wide array of work range perfectly.

What Is a Circular Saw Good for?

A circular saw is a precise power tool basically designed for woodworking. But it can cut a wide range of other materials too. It is a lightweight, portable, and versatile saw convenient for small to large construction projects. 

Best of all, you can make different types of cuts with this compelling cutting tool including cross cuts, plunge cuts, rip cuts, etc.

Nevertheless, if we track down the potential uses of a circular saw, we see the following-


Compared to a table saw or a jigsaw, you can make cross-cuts more conveniently with a “circ saw”. This power saw cuts wood towards the grain without compromising the grain quality. 

Furthermore, you can make cross-cuts faster than ever with a circular saw.

Straight Edge

Straight cutting with a circular saw

For a precision cut, you need to go for a circular saw with extra teeth. These types of saws come second to nothing while achieving straight edges or 90-degree cuts. 

Cutting Long Timbers

Do you need to cut forest-size timbers into more manageable pieces? This is what a circular saw is intended for. Select a bigger circular saw and slice the timbers into the size you want.

Cutting Bevel

bevel adjustment of circular saw

When you are building a site or a shop, you often need to fix separate blocks together. That’s when a bevel comes in handy. 

However, a circular saw can cut bevel at 45 degrees, with the right blade of course.

Shaping Logs from Firewood

You have probably heard that chainsaws are designed to slice firewood into pieces. But nowadays, circular saws are the most preferable choice. 

Being less prone to wear and tear than a chainsaw, this power-packed machine is also used by industrial firewood manufacturers. 

Plunge Cuts

Suppose you can’t reach the blade at the edge of the workpiece. Just place the front of the shoe against the workpiece. Then you can make plunge cuts with your circular saw by lowering the blade into the material.

Slicing Long Plywood

cutting a plywood panel with a circular saw as table saw

Usually, the small home-improvement DIYing often makes you cut dado in boards or plywood. And you can easily do that with the help of an all-around power saw. A good quality circ saw makes cutting plywood a breeze. 

How to Use a Circular Saw?

To make the best use of this handheld power tool, you must know how to use it properly. Saying that follow the steps below and you will be a circular saw expert in no time.

  • Always check the blade beforehand. It must be sharp enough to ensure cleaner cuts.
  • Handle the saw with both your hands to get a good balance.
  • Adjusting the cutting depth is important. It must be 5 mm deeper than the wood thickness.
  • Make your workpiece stand still without moving. A vibrating workpiece could ruin your cuts. Even you can be severely injured.
  • Place the saw nose on the cutting line while starting to cut.
  • Saws with laser guides are preferable by a power saw experts as they help make precision cuts.
  • Never push the saw aggressively against your workpiece. 
  • You should put some masking tape on the cutting line to reduce splintering, especially if you are a beginner.

Still, having doubts? See the video below-

How to Choose the Right Circular Saw?

While picking this handy power tool, you should consider the following things-

Corded vs Cordless

Cordless vs corded circular saw

Truth be told, cordless circ saws are more popular nowadays, thanks to their unmatched portability. 

But corded saws are more powerful. So, if you work at home or in the workshop, they serve your purpose better.

On the contrary, you should go for the cordless counterpart while working on a construction site far away from your workstation. 

Blade Size

circular saw blade size

For a circular saw blade, the bigger the better is not always the case. Because bigger blades only fit on heavier machines. 

Nonetheless, you can aim at 165-18t mm blades for general circular saw jobs.

Dust Extractor Nozzle

Dust extractor nozzle

Source: amazon.com

A circular saw is bound to produce a large amount of dust and debris no matter what you cut. So, try getting one that has a dust extractor nozzle.

With the nozzle, you can connect the saw to a dust extractor or a vacuum hose to control the dust.

Worm Drive or Sidewinder Saw

Worm drive circular saw

Two major models of circular saws are worm drive and the sidewinder. The basic difference lies in the placement of the motor. 

The sidewinder saws have the motor in the blade line and therefore, they are speedier.

On the other hand, a worm drive circular saw consists of a motor at the back of the blade.

Resultantly, it has less speed but more torque. 

Why Is a Circular Saw Better Than a Jigsaw?

Although both saws share some common specs, a circular saw is way better than a jigsaw in terms of power and precision. 

Moreover, you can adjust the blade depth according to your needs which makes it a better selection to make straight cuts neatly. 

Final Words

For amateurs, it’s usual to mistake a circular saw just as a regular saw. But where it differs from the rest of the saws is its wide array of use. A circular saw goes beyond just woodworking. 

You can use a circular saw for almost every DIY task. Besides, it can tackle the hassle of a large construction site too.

Now, it’s time to take the privilege of reading this comprehensive guide on what a circular saw is good for.

So, take this awesome tool kit and use it for some creative DIY projects.  All the best!

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