What is A Sidewinder Circular Saw: Everything There is to Know

Last Updated On February 10, 2023

Cutting metals, slicing logs, or getting straight edges, circular saws are lifesavers. You have to have a saw that can be easy to handle and sharp to cut. This is why you need to get yourself a sidewinder circular saw.

Now, what is a sidewinder circular saw exactly?

A sidewinder circular saw is a type of power saw that uses a direct drive motor to rotate the blade. It’s also known as a direct-drive circular saw. For a beginner, this machine is a control provider as well.

In this guide, we’ll give you detailed information about the majestic tool, its advantages, and disadvantages with the worth of the instrument.

Let’s begin!

What is A Sidewinder Circular Saw?

A Sidewinder circular saw is a kind of tool that has a blade of it next to its motor. The length of the saw is short compared to other types of saws, but it really creates a wider profile.

If you’re someone who is new to cutting, a sidewinder is what you need. As the handle is near to the blade here, it’ll give more control to you. You can cut the edges just the way you want.

Therefore the cuts will be clean for the extra speed system. Your hands won’t meet dangers easily at all.

Advantages of Sidewinder Circular Saw

Well, there are a few pros to this amazing sidewinder circular saw. You’ll be glad once you use it especially if you’re a professional, you’ll become a fan. 


Your circular saw must need to be lightweight. This way you can smoothly handle the cuts while cutting different materials at the same time.

One of the main benefits of a sidewinder saw is its firm and lightweight design. As the motor is directly connected to the blade, there is no need for huge gear housing. It allows for a small and more portable appliance

Speed and Power

The direct drive motor typically provides more power and speed. This one can bear a rate of 6000 RPM or even higher. If you’re in a hurry of cutting things, this is the one you need as it’s ideal for trimming through dense and thick substances.

Cutting Accuracy

Another benefit of a sidewinder saw is its excellent cutting precision. There is less play in the system as the motor and blade are promptly connected. This results in straighter and more precise cuts. 

The feature is particularly convenient for tasks such as deck building and framing. It allows you to finish softer woodcuts, plywood cuts, and cross cuts. Here precise cuts are essential for ensuring a stable structure as well. Impressive, don’t you agree?


If you’re up to home renovation, there’s no need to look further as a sidewinder saw is your best fit. They’re portable enough to switch from place to place or job to job. 

You can put them on a small base and carry them wherever you need to use them.


As we said earlier, if you’re a professional, you need to get your hands off in a sidewinder circular saw. Also, for DIY users, this saw is beyond perfection as you can buy it at the most affordable price in any market.

Moreover, sidewinder circular saws,

  • are less maintenance
  • needs a few parts to replace from time to time
  • will fit in 120V plugs easily

Disadvantages of Sidewinder Circular Saw

Compared to the advantages, there are a few cons of this saw. They include,

  • Sidewinder circular saws create more vibration and heat than other circular saws. This can make some users uncomfortable using it for extra periods of time.
  • This tool can be noisy sometimes as there’s is less heft in the saw. All the stress would be on the wood and your body so the noise will be more.
  • Sometimes it can burnout for the extreme pressure

Don’t you want to know, How to make a circular saw quiet?

Is Sidewinder Circular Saw Worth It?

Look, every instrument that’s used for trimming or cutting purposes has some disadvantages. They’re after all machines. But if we eliminate that part, you can see, the sidewinder circular saw has fewer cons than the other ones.

If you’re truly enthusiastic about woodcutting, or if you’re a student who does woodworking or an artist, or a DIY user, you should definitely check this one. With the delicate design, you can simply use this tool for your assignments and work purposes.

Besides, it’s transportable. You don’t have to use other people’s saw for emergency cuts. Simply carry your one and use it wherever you want!

Last but not least, this one’s cheaper. Anyone can buy this and use it smoothly for a very long time.

So yes, we surely think, a sidewinder circular saw is worth it.

Here’s a video for helping you more when seleting a sidewinder circular saw!

Some Tips for Selecting the Correct Sidewinder Circular Saw

When choosing an accurate sidewinder circular saw, there are a few major factors to examine. Such as,

  • Always check the size of the blade. It’ll determine the highest trimming depth and width. The standard blade size is 4-7 inches in diameter, but if you want larger ones, they’re also available for your customized work.
  • The power of the motor is necessary too. You can typically measure it in amps. A higher amp rating translates to more trimming power. But you need to understand what kind of work you’re going to do first. If you’re doing heavy work, 6000 RPM will be fine.
  • For safety purposes, check if your saw has a riving knife and blade guard. This will help to prevent binding and kickbacks.
  • As sidewinders are lightweight, you’ll be able to cut the regular stuff with this saw. Thus, think about your tasks before buying this one.
  • Select a sidewinder circular saw with a dust collection port. It’ll help to keep your work area clean. You won’t have to inhale harmful dust from the environment anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to take care of a lot of the direct drive saw?

Direct drive saws thankfully are of less maintenance. Once in a while, you need to lubricate the handle. It’ll keep the tool as good as new. You can also try to clean your saw after your work so that it doesn’t get any debris around the cage.

How do you keep a sidewinder circular blade from rusting?

All you need to do is wipe the blade after cleansing it, of course, with a dry soft cloth. If you let the water dry in the blade, it’ll get rusty too soon. 

Is sidewinder saw easier to manage?

Yes, sidewinder circular saws are easier to manage as they’re super lightweight. You can cut the wood as fast as you want with the high rpm. From beginners to professionals, everyone can use this tool easily.

The Bottom Line

That’s all. We’re sure now you know what is sidewinder circular saw is and the benefits of this amazing tool. Despite some disadvantages, this one is excellent for every user with stunning features.

However, it’s dominant to choose the correct saw for your certain needs. You also need to use genuine safety precautions when operating this circular saw.

Good luck!

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