Why Circular Saw Won’t Cut All The Way Through: Problems And Fixes

Last Updated On June 25, 2023

Circular saws are the ultimate weapons when it comes to precise cutting. However, once in a while, they’re bound to become raggedy. A Saw stopping mid-cut is not an uncommon scenario. 

There are several reasons why a circular saw won’t cut all the way through. One of the most common reasons is a dull blade. Material thickness, power supply, and blade condition are also possible causes.

Continue reading to understand why your circular saw keeps halting and how to fix it.

Why Circular Saw Won’t Cut All The Way Through And Its Fixes 

Here’s a quick glance at when circular saw keeps stopping and how to fix them-

ReasonPossible Fix
Dull BladeBlade replacement
Inappropriate Blade SizeInsert appropriate blade
Dirty BladeWash the blade using a solution
Damaged Power CodeMend cord or wires
Low Motor PowerIncrease motor power
Dead batteryReplace battery
Operator Error Handle carefully

1. Dull Saw Blade

Over time, due to gradual wear and tear, the blade edges become dull, and its cutting efficiency lowers slowly. In fact, it’s the most common cause of this problem. 


Inspect the blade for dull edges. If the damage is minimal, remove the blade and sharpen it, focusing on the required areas. However, if dullness remains all around the blade, replacing it with a new, sharp one is better. 

2. Inappropriate Blade Size

When the material is too thick, and the blade size is small, the saw will stop mid-cut. 


When the blade isn’t deep enough, the simple solution is to change it with a more size-appropriate blade for the material. 

3. Dirt On the Blade and Inside Engine

As blades are kept open, it’s quite natural to collect dust and dirt on them. Moreover, with every use, sawdust accumulates on the blade. These dust particles enter the engine and disrupt it, which results in the saw stopping abruptly.


First, remove the blade from the saw and clean it using a soap solution or cleaning spray. Rinse and dry it thoroughly before installing. If dust accumulates in the engine, brush it using micro dusters. 

4. Damaged Power Cord

If the power cord is damaged or connecting wires are worn out, the saw will not operate properly, resulting in disruptions while sawing.


Simply replace the power cable with the help of an electrician.

5. Low Motor Power

If the saw’s motor is not powerful enough for the material being cut, it can cause the blade to stop. 


Use a more powerful saw or increase the motor power. 

6. Battery Condition

Battery-powered circular saw won’t cut all the way through if the battery is dead or low on charge.


Recharge the battery, but if it cannot retain the charge and dies quickly, it’s better to install a new one.

7. Operator Error 

More often than not, when the saw is handled unskillfully or without experience, problems will arise from sawing, and the blade may get stuck.


Sawing at the correct angle, which is typically 15 to 20 degrees, will solve this problem. If you’re inexperienced or a beginner, do the task in the presence of an expert. 


How long should a circular saw blade last?

The longevity of a circular saw depends on the extensiveness of its use. Blades can last for 16 to 20 hours of continuous use, and they remain sharp for 10 to 12 months. After this period, it starts to lose its sharpness. 

Why do circular saws kick back while sawing?

A circular saw can kick back during use due to a dull or damaged blade, improper blade depth, incorrect cutting technique, or material binding. To prevent kickback, use a sharp blade with proper techniques, and ensure the material is not binding or pinching the blade. 

What is the correct sharpening angle for a circular saw blade?

Typically, blades are held at an angle of 15 to 25 degrees for precise and optimized cuts.

Final Words

To sum up, there are a few potential reasons why a circular saw won’t cut all the way through. Possible causes include a damaged or worn-out blade, a low-quality power source, damaged cords, or mishandling.

By identifying the root cause and taking appropriate steps, users can prevent their saw from stopping and ensure a safe and effective cutting experience. 

Regular maintenance and inspections can also help prolong the saw’s longevity and effectiveness and prevent issues from arising.

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